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Leasing A Car – The Benefits

If you can’t afford to buy a car outright, leasing is the next best option for you. There are many advantages of leasing a car.

Here are some of the benefits of car leasing.

Leasing A Car – The Primary Benefits

  • You can buy a car that ordinarily would have been out of your price range.
  • A down payment or deposit is always required
  • Lower monthly lease payments compared to conventional car purchases
  • You don’t have to stress about road tax in many cases
  • Lower maintenance costs compared to other forms of car buying
  • Avoids depreciation costs in the process
  • You can exchange the car for a brand new model after the lease term

Here are more details on why you should opt for a car leasing instead of financing the full or less than full amount. 

Low Upfront Payments

Most of the time, car leasing doesn’t require an upfront or down payment. But there are registration charges involved.

In many instances, you need to pay a very low down payment when leasing a car. This is much lower compared to buying a car by paying the full amount.

Leasing is a more affordable option for a wide range of consumers.

Monthly Payments

According to Intelligent Car Leasing, the ownership of the car is not transferred to you during the lease term.

Hence, the monthly payments are 30-60% lower as compared to conventional car purchases.

You will agree to a fixed monthly payment at the beginning of the contract. The lease term can be 2-5 years or arranged according to your needs.

Since you have a lower monthly commitment, you will have more disposable income to spend in other areas.

Tax Benefits of Car Leasing

If you are up-to-date with the payments, you don’t have to worry about road taxes when leasing a car. It could be covered in the agreement for the entire lease term. It’s an added peace of mind.


Leasing offers much lower maintenance costs compared to most of the other forms of buying. That’s because the individual leasing the car doesn’t have ownership of the vehicle.

Hence, the general maintenance charges are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty period. Servicing and repair costs are usually covered including tire and exhaust replacement.

After the Lease

Once the lease period is over, you can exchange the vehicle for a brand new one. In fact, leasing allows you to have a new car on a regular basis.

This gives you the maximum benefits of performance, fuel economy and safety. You can also avoid massive depreciation costs since you don’t own a car that is more likely to lose value on a rapid basis.

In conclusion, leasing has numerous advantages over other forms of purchasing. The primary advantage of leasing a car is that you can drive a car that would usually be out of your price range – if you had to purchase the vehicle paying money upfront.

In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons why most people prefer to lease a car than buying it by paying outright cast. There are many other benefits of leasing a vehicle.

That is why you need to opt for a lease right now.

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