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Eye Be Seeing You

A man who lived in a block of apartments put his hand out the window to check if it was still raining. As he did so a glass eye fell into his hand.

He looked up and saw a young woman looking down at him. “Is this yours?” he asked.

She said, “Yes, could you bring it up?” and the man agreed. On arrival, she was profuse in her thanks and offered the man a drink.

As she was very attractive he agreed. Shortly afterwards, she said, “I’m about to have dinner. There’s plenty, would you like to join me?”

He readily accepted her offer and they both enjoyed a lovely meal. Turns out they had a lot in common and conversation flowed easily and comfortably. 

The man was very surprised at how much he was enjoying the evening.

As the evening was drawing to a close the lady said, “I’ve had a marvelous evening.” “So have I” said the man. “Tell me, is this a typical date for you? 

Are you this gracious and conversant with every guy you have a date with?” “No,” she replied, “you just happened to catch my eye.”

Never let yesterday use up too much of today. ~ Will Rogers

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