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The Art Of Play

Research has established the importance of play during a toddler’s growing years in shaping their overall development. There are distinct types of play, contributing to the growth of skills like imagination, social, mental and physical strength.

The various types of play may seem indistinguishable to adults. However, they’re classified into types based on the particular personality aspect influenced.

Of course, each child is different and has a different attention span. A child plays different games at various times depending on their temperment, surroundings and phase of life.

Can you imagine, a kid playing with a doll or adorning a getup or riding a bike or simply playing with others, end up learning various skills like sharing, caring, participating etc.

Here is an Infographic by Wooden Toyshop, illustrating these various arts of play, their features and how they nurture an infant to a mentally and socially mature individual. 

The Art of Play by the Wooden Toy Shop.

When kids play, the only thing on their mind is having fun. Safety just isn’t something a young child thinks about.

Every parent/guardian should actively be involved in teaching their kids to play safely. By increasing your child’s safety awareness, you also make sure your any worries and fears you may have are reduced when your child heads outside to play.

It’s important for you to make sure your kids are safe while keeping things fun. Let’s look at how you can create a safe outdoor playing environment for your kids.


  1. I had a great read! Love that different types of play have different benefits for our children. Indeed, learning is better reinforced when they are having fun!

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