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How Kids Will Change Your Life – If You Let Them

There’s so much on and offline “buzz” on how parents should and shouldn’t raise their kids. But very few talk about how much kids affect parents and the way parents perceive the world.

Have you ever heard celebs say, “My kids changed my life” or “I now look at the world differently”? That’s it.

When entering our lives, kids have a way of turning our world’s upside down, changing it and even healing it.

Eventually, our kids grow up. One day when you’re interacting with them, you’ll discover there’s a great person in front of you.

Moreover, the relaxed leisure time you spend with your kid can give you so many insights, hope and healing as good as any therapist. Now, let’s find out the specific ways our kids can affect us.

  1. Lessons Kid’s Teach Us

Kids are innocent, pristine and pure-hearted. Children remind us of how we once were.

Kid’s teach us how to accept the world, enjoy simple moments and love boundlessly. Communicating with teenagers, we can learn how to be enthusiastic, full of expectations and the sky is the limit for our ambitions.

  1. Being Loved, Cared For and Valued

Kid’s love you unconditionally, care for you and value you. Parents feel fulfilled, self-confident and courageous enough to go ahead, keep on keeping on or sometimes to move on.

  1. Hope In the Midst of Hardship

Life can be tough. Kids live without that knowledge until they’re older.

They lack criticism and a cynical attitude toward everything they face.

They face life with an unconscious optimism everything is going to be okay. Your kids’ attitude gives you hope.

They encourage your faith that everything is going to be alright. 

  1. Family Support System

Dads are frequently considered the rock for their families. Even rocks need somebody to be the same for them.

Spending time with your kids helps strengthen family bonds. It cultivates the idea dads has a support system within their family. 

  1. Meals Together

Kids pick the food following their unspoiled instincts. Some of us have forgotten following their instincts and guts.

They are full of dangerous assumptions, judgments and clichés. Kids teach parents the importance of taking care of themselves.  

  1. Healing Emotional Wounds

For lots of dads, the work can be exhausting – failures, collapse, meltdowns, etc.

You come home and see your little one. You start talking.

It helps to reduce stresses. Suddenly you realize it’s been a great rehab.

  1. Modeling Behavior

Dads frequently hear, “Be a good role model for your kid.”  What about sometimes following your kid’s example?

They are kind, gentle, generous and unsuspicious. Why don’t you behave the same way?

To forgive and forget, to believe in people, to be grateful, simple and open to the world.

  1. Never, Never Give Up

Adults often give up after not getting the answer. Kids are persistent.

They are getting on your last nerve until they get an answer. Why?

A child believes they are worth knowing the truth. Why do we accept anything less?

Spending Quality Time with Your Kid

The benefits of spending free time with your child are endless. Here are some excellent ideas on ways to spend quality time with your kid:

  1. Getting involved in their interests and hobbies.
  2. Using parental controls like Kidgy or Kaspersky which protects and can bring useful insights about your child.
  3. Cook together.
  4. You and your child watch your child’s favorite movie and have pizza and cookies for dessert.
  5. Go on a field trip outside or inside the city depending on where you live.
  6. Go shopping together.
  7. Work with your child on their homework.
  8. Read a book with your child.
  9. Go hiking or camping together.
  10. Plan a trip to another town, city, etc.
  11. Plan a BBQ with your kid.

Don`t hesitate if haven’t already start scheduling regular quality time with your child today. It brings you many blessings.

It will give you the motivation to keep being a good dad.

About The Author

Jerome Simas is a freelance writer and internet safety advisor for more than ten years. Currently, he advises government officials, school administrators and private citizens about the best internet safety practices. He’s a dad of three amazing kids.

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  1. So true! When My first kid was born, it was like my resurrection cause I’ve been through a lot and I needed some healing. Didn’t know it would come from a kid.

  2. Very very good article. Everyone should read it. I am sharing it in my twitter account.

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