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How To Clean Vinyl Cladding Effectively

Vinyl cladding(siding) is an excellent option for your home. Of course, it’s not the only cladding option, but it’s one of the easiest to keep clean!

This isn’t the only benefit of vinyl cladding. Also, it’s very low maintenance and attractive.

It should increase the value and aesthetic appeal of your home. If you don’t yet have vinyl cladding it’s worth checking out the range of external cladding systems on the market.

However, you’ll need to consider your return on investment and what other properties in your area are using. Once you have vinyl cladding it’s important to keep it clean.

This’ll ensure your home looks good and the cladding lasts as long as possible. To clean vinyl cladding effectively you don’t need to invest in a pressure washer, you can do it this way:


First, you’ll need a ladder, unless you can reach your entire house without one. The ladder needs to extend to the same height as your home. 

Also, you need to be able to securely place it on the ground. You might also wish to invest in some spacers which are designed to lift your ladder away from the wall.


Of course, you need a bucket. The bucket should be filled with water and a mild cleaning solution of your choice.

Vinyl cladding is tough but anything too harsh will damage the shiny finish. It’s best to use a drop of bleach and some powdered detergent. This will remove most dirt and grime from your cladding.

Top Tip: If you have mold, vinegar and warm water should be your go to mixture, it works!


You need to get a long handled mop or a sponge and strap a long handle to it. Starting at the top of the house you want to run the mop or sponge over the cladding, dipping it into your cleaning mixture and allowing it to cascade over the walls.

You can’t use too much solution and it will do no harm to the flower beds below. It’s best to take your time with this stage to make sure you can cover the entire house.


Before the soapy water has time to dry in the sunlight you should get your garden hose and cover the side of the house with water. It should rinse the soap mixture straight off and you will see clean cladding underneath!

It is worth noting ingrained stains in hard to reach places will require a more dedicated approach. A little baking soda mixed with water will remove virtually any stain in moments.

The only difficulty about this is you will need to move the ladder round and go up and down several times. Rinse again and you’ll have a gleaming house.

You will probably find this can be done as quickly and as efficiently as if you had used a pressure washer; you’ll use a lot less water in the process.

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