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Five Ways Stepdads Are Influential

A stepdad is a dad when he makes the conscious decision to love your children like his own. A stepdad exerts a substantial influence on your kids lives.

As a significant male influence, a stepdad can help your kids learn some valuable life lessons. If you’re not sure how your child’s stepdad is adjusting to the fatherly responsibilities that come with raising your kids, perhaps you’re now just aware of the tremendous job he’s doing.

Good Role Models

When you marry a good man who spends time with you and your kids, you’re allowing him to become a positive role model for your kids. He’s modeling how to behave, how to respond and how to express themselves.

Every little move he makes in front of the kids is one more action they learn from. It’s one of the most influential things a man can do.

Teaching the Kids to be More Open

When you have a good stepdad who loves your kids like his own, he’s helping them learn to be more open. They’re more open to accepting love, to giving love, and realizing the world is a good place filled with good people.

They’re learning to accept and receive love from people outside their immediate family, and that’s a valuable life lesson.

Making Memories

When your husband spends time with your kids, he’s making memories with them. One day when the kids are grown and have families of their own, your kids might just want to make the same memories with their own kids your husband made with them.

Imagine all the Christmas dinners during which your kids will laugh with your husband about all the good times they had growing up. That’s influential to a fault.

Teaching Daughters What to Look for in a Man

Your little girl needs a good male role model in her life so she knows what kind of man to look for when she’s an adult. You want her to marry a man who shows her love and respect.

Seeing that from her stepdad is going to teach her what’s normal in a marriage. She will then find herself looking for those qualities as she begins seeking a lifelong partner.

Teaching Sons how to be Gentlemen

If you marry a good man, your little man will learn from him. He will learn to hold doors, to help with the dishes and to respect women.

He’ll learn how to treat a woman, how to be a man of his word and how to become a well-rounded man. Your husband need not do anything other than be himself for your son to want to model this.

Stepdads are dads. According to a divorce attorney, “things change as we go through life, sometimes dramatically.”

This is usually the case for stepdads. They become a member of a new family and at first it might seem awkward.

However, they don’t need to feel the added pressure of fitting in. They just simply need to be there for your family to help your kids learn some of the best lessons in life.

A stepdad is influential when he’s helping the kids with their homework just as much as he’s influential when he’s washing the dishes.

Every moment is a good one when you have a good man at home.

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Stepdads are men of influence but do you know stepdads have style?

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