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The Best Skin Care Tips For Men

Men’s skin can be either as sensitive as a baby’s bottom or as tough as raw leather. Regardless of how it feels or looks, your skin can always do with some tender love and care.

When it comes to skin problems, women don’t have a monopoly. Sometimes, men have to deal with even more challenging skin problems.

However, you should not have to worry since you can follow a few tips to keep your skin feeling and looking as soft as a fluffy pillow.

  1. Use the Right Razor

The bane of most men’s grooming routine is the razor burn. It’s a price many men refuse to pay even when it means looking their best.

The issue is razors are not created equal and one type does not fit all. Depending on your type of skin, electric razors can do more harm than good.

You can reduce razor burns even on the most sensitive skin by using multiple blade razors.

The shaving cream and pre-shave oil should work together to build up a rich and protective layer that keeps skin hydrated.

Two major mistakes men often make when shaving has to do with getting a close shave. Men often go over the same area several times attempting to remove the last stray of hair or they just press harder into the skin to get it.

Unfortunately, this is counterproductive. A light touch is all that’s needed for the best shave.

Let the weight of the razor do the work and never fear lathering up once more for another go as long as you never forget the lather.

  1. Exfoliating and Moisturizing

Exfoliation is not a dirty word. It’s the best way to ensure a deep clean and keep the skin healthy.

Exfoliation helps to bring out all the dirt hidden deep within the pores. An exfoliation mask or anything of the sort isn’t necessary.

Washing your face daily and using an exfoliating bar of soap or a body wash is all that’s needed for a deep clean.

Moisturizing is very important for skin of all types. It’s particularly important on the face for the prevention of razor burns.

Men’s skin should be properly cared for to be at its best. Moisturizing is one of the simplest ways to make sure your skin always looks great.

The best and unintrusive way to make moisturizing part of your regular routine is using a moisturizer with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) to be used when you know you’ll be out in the sun.

  1. Avoiding Scented Products

Men with sensitive skin should be aware of an irritant that comes in the form of scented products such as sunscreen, body wash and aftershave. Oil-free moisturizing lotions are better than applying scented products. This is because of the ingredients used for creating the scent can easily damage sensitive skin.

Always go for sensitive skin formulas if you’re thinking of using lotions or aftershave.

  1. Excellent Facial Cleanser

Regularly washing your face is important. However, you have to make sure you always use the right facial cleanser.

Harsh scrubs and soaps will only cause more damage to the skin. A general cleanser that hydrates skin can do wonders for your skin, complexion and even your self-confidence.

In the long term, Dore Aesthetics advises it’s the sort of thing that can help prevent the need for acne scar tissue removal.

  1. Limiting Bath/Shower Time

Too much of a good thing is sometimes a bad thing. Unfortunately, this is true when you treat yourself to long, hot showers.

Long, hot baths and showers might be relaxing and almost therapeutic. However, they can damage skin by getting rid of essential oils from the skin.

A quick, lukewarm shower or bath helps skin stay clean and guards against breakouts.

Committing to memory and practicing the above skin care tips will make your lady does a double-take. Don’t be intimated by these tips – they should only be fine-tuning of what you’re already doing.

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