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front porch lighting ideas - Entrance of a house at dusk in Vancouver, Canada

The Best Front Porch Lighting Ideas

Have you ever stopped to consider the lighting you currently have on your front porch and how you can improve it? It might be something you give very little thought to but it’s actually an important part of your home.

The porch light does more than illuminate where your door handle and lock is.

It should be bright enough to deter potential burglars yet be attractive enough to make a statement about your home.

This isn’t something you should decide in a hurry; the right porch light is a big decision!

However, before you can even consider the following ideas it’s advisable to have an electrical inspection. This will confirm the state of your home’s electrical grid.

You want to make sure your grid is capable of handling any additional load by increasing the porch lighting.

Activation & Inside Lighting

This could be controlled by a standard switch. However, you may wish to consider connecting it to a smart system or a timer so it’s on when you arrive home from a hard day at the office.

There are many different options when considering the inside porch light.

Downlighters” generally provide a nice, balanced light while spots can ensure you are able to see what is right in front of you when you enter.

Installation of a Downlighter

Exterior lighting

Even if you have a covered porch area it’s best to use lights which are rated for outdoor use. If you don’t and they keep shorting out you’re likely to keep tripping your fuse; which could become very annoying.

There are several different types of exterior light worth considering. However, you should also think about whether you want these on a timer, dusk to dawn sensor or even a movement sensor. All are possible!

You can choose lights hanging from the ceiling, wall lights or even solar panel lights lining the porch entrance to the porch. You should fit enough lights to provide adequate lighting across the length of your porch.

This will make it easy to move from the path to the front door without tripping over. It is possible to get exterior bulkhead lights which are simple but cost-effective. Or you may wish to look at antique style lights which can really raise your home’s appeal.

Security Lights

Security Lights with Motion Sensor

Most homeowners who are looking to upgrade their porch lights will also add security lights covering the path to the front door. This will help you to make your way up the path and will also alert you to the presence of someone on your property.

Security lights tend to be floodlights which are exceptionally bright and triggered by movement.

Fashion Lights

You should also consider adding decorative lights. These can be in multiple colors and may not provide a huge level of light.

But, they will add curb appeal to your home and can help provide the right atmosphere for an intimate evening with your partner.

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