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Having The Best Children’s Birthday Party

Ten Tips For Having the Best Children’s Birthday Party

Every parent wants their child’s birthday to be memorable and exciting. It’s not uncommon for parents to spend a tremendous amount of money in hopes of having a spectacular party.

Unfortunately, what happens to many parents is they don’t have an idea or plan. Sadly, they end up wasting a lot of money.

Even worse, they still end up with a party less than what they hoped for.

Let’s take a look at how to make your child’s next birthday party memorable by using the following 10 tips.

1. Remember It’s Their Party Not Yours

Many parents get carried away trying to create the perfect party for their child. Frustratingly, the party ends up being more of what the parents want much to their child’s frustration.

When planning the perfect birthday party start by just asking your child what they want.

A very young child might accept whatever their parents throw for them, but as they get older, they get more particular about what they want. This is why you should always start by asking what they would like.

As a parent, you probably can’t give them everything they ask for, and you certainly shouldn’t overindulge them. However, you should design the party based on what child wants.

Most children will enjoy the party if it’s based on what they wanted.  Also, the majority of kids will understand if a parent couldn’t give them absolutely everything.

2. Create Enticing Invitations

You want everyone who you invite to come to the party. You can make this happen by creating enticing invitations that the recipients can’t resist.

They should feel that a party is an event that they cannot miss. When considering invitation types, you’ll need to decide if it’s going to be a paper or electronic.

According to a survey by Parents Magazine, over 70% of parents prefer using paper invitations as a physical reminder. Over 30% of parents have chosen to go with electronic invitations instead.

Very often the type of invitation that is most suitable depends on the situation. A paper invitation might be the perfect solution if your child wants to invite their school classmates.

However, if the majority of attendees will be close family and friends, then an electronic invitation can work perfectly.

But whether you’re sending paper or electronic invitations they need to be very enticing and something that people remember and make them want to attend the party. The invitation should be complementary to the party’s theme if there is one.

You should also indicate on the invitation when the party will start and end.

3. Know Who Is Coming

When young children are attending a party, some parents will want to stay with their kid rather than leave and return. For this reason, it’s likely necessary for you to arrange a separate room where the adults can be away from the kid’s festivities. 

This will make it more comfortable for both groups. For the adults that are staying at the party, you will need to have appropriate food and snacks, not just cake and cupcakes.

The room where the children are enjoying the party will likely stay very busy. The kids will probably be involved in playing a variety of games.

Being prepared for both kids and adults will help all who attend the party enjoy it and remember it fondly.

4. Make The Cake Spectacular

A cake presentation is a significant event. If it’s done well, it can be spectacular and memorable.

Decorate the cake based on the party’s theme. Have a flavor everyone will enjoy.

You can’t go wrong with traditional flavors like chocolate, vanilla or a marbling of the two.

Use different candles that will catch everybody’s attention. A cake that looks and tastes excellent is something every attendee will remember especially the child who is celebrating their birthday.

5. What’s A Party Without Games?

Kids by themselves have lots of energy and when they’re together even more so. Adding to their energy is the sugar high many of them will get eating birthday cake and other party foods.

You’ve got children who will be bouncing off the walls unless you give them activities that help them burn off their energy. If the child is a bit older than their friends and your child is better able to entertain themselves, but younger children will need lots of games to keep them busy.

Many of the games should be something physically active. You should consider whether or not the children will be playing those games indoors or outdoors to ensure you pick appropriate games.

The children will need to be monitored while playing these games just to make sure everything remains civil and fair. Great games make great fun.

6. Make Party Attendees Feel Special With Goody Bags

Older children can understand a birthday party is the one celebrating their birthday. Younger children may have a more difficult time fully understanding this.

They can sometimes feel jealous that one person is getting many things and they aren’t getting any. This can be avoided by preparing goody bags for all the children in attendance.

This makes each child feel special and as though they received something at the party. Also, it’s a great way to help them enjoy the event more.

7. Have More Than Just Junk Food

Food is an integral part of any party. At a child’s birthday party, cake and other snack food should be on the menu.

However, it’s also important to have other types of food. Many of the adults that will be there would be more comfortable with something different than just cupcakes.

This doesn’t mean that you need to fix an elaborate lunch. Food like cheese and crackers as well as celery sticks with peanut butter and other finger food can be an excellent choice and alternative for both adults and children.

8. Don’t Forget The Music

What’s a party without good music? Surprisingly, a lot of parents completely forget about preparing music for the party.

If it’s teenagers, they may prefer selecting their music. But young children will need to have the music chosen for them.

Ideally, it should be put into a playlist, so there’s very little management needed. Of course, the songs should be fun as well as easy to listen to.

Having a playlist prepared means you’ll have one less thing to worry about during the party. If the party is designed around a theme, then you’ll want to make sure that the music fits appropriately with the theme of the party.

9. Put Up The Right Decorations

Putting up the right decorations will help the party be more memorable. Especially when you’re putting up decorations based on a theme, you will want to keep things directly related to it.

If you go with more mainstream themes, then you’ll find it very easy to find a range of decorations suitable for that theme. If you’re the creative type, you can also consider making some of your designs and decorations.

10. Open Gifts During or After the Party?

This consideration is particularly important for very young children. If you’ve never held a birthday party for a young child and this is your first you may not be aware that in some cases the opening of the gifts can be dramatic instead of fun because some children have reactions that are less than favorable.

If this is a concern, then you should consider whether or not to have the gifts opened after everyone has gone home and the party has finished.

Doing this can help avoid tantrums which could spoil the party. If you’re going to do this, you’ll need to discuss it with your child before the party, so it’s not them that is having an episode because they’re not able to open their presents.

There are times when opening the presents during a party is perfectly fine, but if you have any concern, then the option to have them opened after the party is a good choice.

A special thank you goes to Jumper’s Jungle Family Fun Center for providing these tips.

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