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Tips For Dealing With Hair Loss

Hair is part of our natural looks. The first signs of hair loss can be a stressful experience.

However, hair loss shouldn’t make you lose hope. It’s possible to embrace baldness with pride more so if it’s due to an avoidable issue such as genetics.

Balding men can enjoy different options when dealing with hair loss. Here are some tips men can do to embrace their new looks.

Assess The Loss and Know Your Options

The first step is assessing the extent of your hair loss. Most men may not even realize they’re losing their hair with a vast majority going through a denial phase and some failing to notice what’s happening to their hair.

For those men noticing the changes, not even creative combing will prevent the inevitable. As such, a man who’s balding will have to contend with two options:

  1. Keeping the hair short if the hair is thick and there is limited hair loss in the front hairline.
  2. Shaving the head clean if the balding is a large spot at the crown of the head. Click here if you want to learn how to regrow hair on a bald spot – it is possible in some cases

Consider Growing a Beard

Growing a beard can help overshadow the severity of having a hairless head. The options range from having a full goatee to light stubble.

The Effortless Gent blog encourages men to consider having some hair around their chins if they’re going bald. The idea is to find and work with what looks right for you and your new hairless look.

Dress According to your Head’s Shape

The loss of hair will affect your profile and general presentation regarding shape. This will significantly influence your wardrobe.

You need to have more shirts that pay attention to your neckline. Check the shirts’ necklines and collars.

Shirts with a V-neck will contract your head’s curvature. The shirts with collars will frame your head.

Care for your Head

Whether you opt to shave off all your hair or trim it close, your scalp will be exposed. Therefore, you should take good care of your skin.

Put in some effort to take care of the little hair left.  Apply some moisturizer and light sunscreen daily and remember to wear a hat during the cold winter.

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If you decide to grow a beard Cormac shares his advice in Beards, Clippers and Trimmers


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