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Shrinking Houses: A New Age Of Space-Efficient Living

Do you dream of owning a home in natures lap with an abundance of sky embracing trees and a mesmerizing lake view from the patio? Well, it’s easier to nurture the dream than to realize it or live it entirely. 

With urbanization and shrinking cities, homes are shrinking too. People now prefer smaller living spaces forsaking the peace and proximity to nature for the sake of living in the city.

This isn’t entirely by choice but sacrifice due to the need for city accommodations than the available space and constrained housing development. The United Kingdom is no exception.

Here, the focus is on building minimum space abodes to support maximum housing needs. The infographic below will take you through various English regions depicting the shrinking housing trend.

Followed by comparison of the average size of a newly built home among European countries. Then a peek at some of the world’s tiniest of living spaces which may convince you beautiful abodes can be created in a limited space.



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