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Dads Need Massage Therapy Too!

When it comes to relieving daily stress, women especially moms usually feel they deserve a massage session because they’ve been a superhero mom.  A superhero mom’s schedule consists of working 9-5, cleaning, cooking, washing and caring for her kids and husband.

Dads are usually thought of as invincible or very close to it. Dads are perceived to be able to handle almost anything, like stress, even without pampering themselves.

However, remember dads like moms are very much human.

And just as moms can state a hierarchy of reasons to get massage therapy, dads also deserve to remove their daily stress. Here are five reasons why.

  1. Dads are Expected to be Strong

Dads are seen by their family as the household’s tower of strength. They’re expected to protect the family like a lion defends his pride.

Dads also take their kids for walks, biking, sports, piggyback rides and other physical activities like wrestling that moms typically don’t engage their kids in.

Now, if dads are stressed all the time, it dramatically affects his mood and physical strength. He may not be able to have the energy go out and bond with the kids as well as he may also be too grumpy.

These conditions can negatively affect the time a dad spends with the kids. Sadly, this contributes to reasons why some kids grow apart from their dads.

If dads get a massage, life’s daily stress can be relieved. A relaxed dad allows him to be in a good mood when he spends time with the kids.

  1. Dads Mostly have an Active Lifestyle.

Unless they’re a stay at home dad, you can’t expect dads to spend their day cooking, washing, etc. If they’re not at home watching TV, they’re likely out playing sports, working out at the gym or doing engaging in outdoor hobbies like hiking, fishing, etc.

In other words, dads are more prone to muscle stress and strain which can eventually lead to muscle pain, injuries and other health issues. Getting a massage can support a dad’s active lifestyle without experiencing the stress, strain and anxiety that comes along with it.

  1. Dads usually do the Hard Work at Home.

Dads don’t need to go someplace else to do hard work. They can just stay at home and find a lot of things for them to do such as yard work, home improvement and maintenance tasks.

Now, these household activities can also make dads prone to body aches such as back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and other muscle injuries. Getting a massage can help dads relax after a very tiring day doing household tasks.

Without massage, dads will find it hard to recover from daily stress and even if they stay at home, they may not be able to do the household tasks needed to be done without hiring professional help.

  1. Dads also have Stressful Careers.

Aside from the active lifestyle and physically demanding household tasks to deal with, working dads also have to contend with the stress and pressure from the job. They may be the boss of a company, manager, simple worker, etc. and you have to admit the workplace can sometimes be a very stressful place not only because of the work load but also because of office relationships, etc.

So, talking about stress, they are also exposed to daily stress. If dads are unable to combat stress, it could affect their mood, have difficulty with restful sleep and eventually, affect their physical and mental well-being.

Getting a massage can help dads relax so the next day, they can be more productive at work as well as have more time and strength to bond with his family at home no matter how stressful work can be.

  1. Dads also need to care for their Health.

Just because dads are perceived to be strong doesn’t mean they can ignore their health . Dads don’t remain strong all their life.

Eventually, they will age, and their tolerance for daily stress also deteriorates. Their immunity can also lower, resulting to getting ill.

And just as they are human beings too, stress can kill them too. If they do not care for their health and they are breadwinners, their family will suffer if he is gone.

This is why dads also need to get a massage from time to time to improve their health. Stress can give you varied types of illnesses such as hypertension, heart attack, depression and sleep disorders.

Getting a massage can help the body recuperate from too much stress it has been exposed to. Massage can help the body relax, which is not only helpful for dads’ physical health but also their mental and emotional health, making their life lengthier.

Overall, massage therapy makes a perfect gift for dads nowadays because they may be superheroes in your eyes but they also deserve a break from daily stress.

About The Author

Alycia Gordan is a freelance writer who loves to read and write articles on healthcare technology, fitness and lifestyle. She is a tech junkie and divides her time between travel and writing. Currently she’s associated with the Foot Massager Advisor team.

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