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cruise into the new year - the boat the symphony on the river Thames

Cruise Into The New Year On the Thames

 New Year’s Eve gives you a great reason to have the night of your life. It’s a time to celebrate and welcome the hope and promises a new year brings.

Of course, you’ll find many places hosting New Year’s parties. However, if you’re looking for a unique experience in London you should consider a thrilling river cruise.

Yes, you heard it right. You can book a short river cruise and have assurances of a memorable New Year’s event.

This river cruise will get you a tour of the River Thames. For the evening’s highlight, it provides a superb vantage point to take in the fireworks display as the Big Ben strikes midnight avoiding crowds and elements by the masses lining the river banks.

You can make the cruise a group event by having your family and friends on board. You can even make it an office party with everyone from work attending.

Everyone will have a wonderful experience. It will definitely enhance your approval rating as the official cruise/party organizer.

The river cruise provides an experience not many people would think of as a group event.

London at Night

If you are visiting London, you must see London at night. The amazing landmarks are well lit and stand out spectacularly.

You can capture all this majesty in awe inspiring photographs. London residents will get to see the city in a different light which adds to the whole experience.

The sightseeing part captures just a section of what your night will be like. At the core of this floating party is pure fun, which is what New Year’s Eve is all about.

Mingle with the In Crowd

Nothing spells fun better than the best crowd. You can be sure everyone boarding the boat is looking for a fun evening just as you are.

With free flowing drinks from an open bar, nothing will be interfering with the joyous spirit of the evening. You can expect to be partying on full stomach dining on scrumptious hor devours and snacks.

If you want to usher in the New Year with loved ones and friends, you can make it into a New Year’s Eve London party by making a group booking. This way, you will be surrounded by familiar faces when the clock strikes midnight.

Engaging Entertainment

No party is complete without entertainment. With an ample dance floor, the new year will definitely find you on gliding on your feet.

The live DJ will keep the music playing until you disembark. You can be sure this will be the best New Year’s Eve party for everyone.

From the moment you’re on board, you will not want the night to end anytime soon. After going on New Year’s cruise you will plan for the cruise as a annual part of your New Year’s Eve celebration for you and your family.

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Daniel Mattei is an entertainment news journalist. He believes a New Year’s Eve in London is one of most exciting ways to welcome the New Year.

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