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best gifts you can give a five-year-old - stepmother giving 5-year-old a gift

The Best Gifts You Can Give A Five-Year-Old

By the time they turn five, children start homing in on the interests unique to them. However, they still enjoy a wide range of activities such as the common games where they live.

Still, at this age, many children become more and more aware of their surroundings and develop an interest in interacting with their surroundings. School is also a significant influence on which gifts a child prefer.

By the time children are five in Australia and other parts of the world, they’ve already started school. The following are some of the gifts that could be of interest for a five-year-old.

A Mixing Bowl and a Cookie Cutter

At the age of five, both boys and girls will have taken an interest in what is happening at home in general and the kitchen in particular. Giving them an opportunity to participate in making the delicacies they enjoy is a good way to help them learn and have fun.

Buying your child, a bowl for mixing cookie dough and a cutter with which they can cut out their figures are likely to be considered a treat by many.

Karaoke Machine

At the age of five, some children already love music. The allure of being a star also makes the possibility of them being able to sing be appealing to them.

A karaoke machine will allow your five-year-old be a star at home. Some of the karaoke machines on the market today allow removal of the vocals. Once the vocals are removed, your child can sing their favorite song with musical accompaniment.

Kid Tablets

Manufacturers are now making tablets specially designed for children. They usually come with outer casings that make it hard for them to break and other childproofing features.

These features include parental controls to prevent the children from accessing adult content, blocking of in-app purchases and so on. Using these tablets, the child can play games and watch TV shows online.

Also, there are learning opportunities through online games and the installed software.

Kids Gardening Tools

Children who show an interest in the outdoors and gardening may consider gardening tools a good present. A proper watering can, or a gardening hose your child can carry will give him or her an opportunity to water a kitchen garden with you.

You can also buy them a trowel, gardening gloves to help them in the gardening work. A small planter table could also help the child plant some flowers and tend them.

This gift is both fun and an opportunity for training the child in being responsible.

Board Games

There are many board games from which you can select to give to your five-year-old. These include Snakes and Ladders, Ludo and so on.

The games present you with an opportunity to have some quality family time with your child while at the same time giving them some early probability lessons. You can also buy them more specialized games such as Scrabble, chess and teach them how to play.

If they learn to play these games and continue practicing over time, they are likely to perfect them and play professionally later. Also, games like Scrabble and chess helps to improve a child’s mental acuity.

All the gifts mentioned above are suitable for most young children, not just 5-year-olds. Even so, the gifts wouldn’t please or also benefit all the children equally.

The personality of the five-year-old plays an essential role in determining what is most likely to be of interest to them. Whether the child is a boy is also a significant determinant of which gift is best for them.

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