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Starting Companion Planting In Your Garden

How To Start Companion Planting In Your Garden

Gardening is a great metaphor for family life.  While you may not want to raise your stepkids on labored philosophies.

Growing a vegetable patch with your stepkids is a shortcut to bonding while also teaching valuable skills. Not least among these skills – and these metaphors – is the concept of companion planting.

In case it’s not something you’ve come across before, companion planting is the art of growing complementary veggies side by side. In some cases, they will protect each other from pests and diseases, while in very special cases they can even improve each others’ flavors.

To get you started on figuring out just which veggies (and other plants) are compatible in this way, check out this new visual guide. Don’t forget to share it with the kids – you’ll be amazed how it might capture their imagination.

A Visual Guide To Companion Planting
A Visual Guide To Companion Planting HomeAdvisor.

You know the key to building a relationship and bonding with your stepchildren is to spend quality time with them. After a long day of work, it’s tempting to switch on the TV to give yourself a break.

Sometimes watching something you and the kids both like is a great way to connect with and learn more about your stepchildren. Still, there are downsides to watching too much television.

According to the Mayo Clinic, logging too much time in front of the TV statistically increases kids’ chances

  • for weight problems,
  • troubled academic performance,
  • irregular sleep
  • and even bullying.

Decreasing screen time for your kids and teens can help you with bonding, building lasting relationships and putting the young people you care for on the road to success.


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