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Five Things All Uber Drivers Should Know

A 9 to 5 office job can be draining and frustrating at the same time which is why many people who own Uber eligible cars turn to drive for Uber. Driving for Uber is helping many families face the difficult financial situations that life throws.

You can make a good amount of money by driving for Uber. However, it isn’t exactly a full-time job.

The terms allow you to drive only a few hours which means you can continue with a regular job while putting in a few hours to make some extra cash on the side. This is obviously a great opportunity for everyone involved.

When you sign up for Uber as a driver, you won’t have to worry about the timing or the amount of work you have to do per day, you are your own boss and you can make as much money as you like.

Nonetheless, there are some things every Uber driver must know of that will help them.

Here are five things all Uber drivers should know:

  1. You Need To Pay The Taxes On Your Income

Driving for Uber labels you as a contractor and not an employee.

It’s true you’re working for Uber but on your own terms. You drive for the number of hours you see fit.

Hence, the paycheck you receive doesn’t include paid tax, you have to pay the taxes yourself. For instance, if you managed to make $40,000 then Uber will charge around $8000 let’s say.

You are left with $32,000 on which you have to pay the taxes from your own pocket. Uber doesn’t pay taxes for you.

  1. Customer Ratings Matter

If you’re an Uber driver and you think you own the customers then you’re wrong. Uber evaluates its drivers on a rating system involving a 1 to 5 scale.

Customers riding in your car rate you based on their experience. Their rating is based on a number of factors including your behavior and the condition of your vehicle.

Customer ratings are important because Uber has set a minimum rating for every driver to maintain which is at least 4.6 stars out of 5.

If the average rating of a driver falls below 4.6 then you can kiss your Uber driving dream goodbye.

How to find out my Uber rating is a commonly asked question since everyone wants to know their rating. Maintaining your rating is as equally important as knowing your rating.

  1. You Need To Have a Car Mount Cell Phone Holder

Uber driving system is based upon GPS you have to track your customers and the location they want to get to via your cell phone’s GPS. For this, you need to have a cell phone holder mounted at the front to follow directions and see the pickup and drop locations on your phone.

Several complaints were recently filed by customers that drivers drove with one hand while fumbling with their phone with the other. This increases risk and makes the customer uneasy.

Therefore, make sure you make the customer feel safe by mounting your phone on the holder.

  1. Keep The Cancellation Rate Low

You have the power to cancel a ride if you feel the pickup is too far or for any other reason. However, this doesn’t mean you can keep on canceling requests on a whim.

This can get your account deactivated. Your cancellation rate shouldn’t cross above 10% because Uber driving policy makes sure customers are satisfied with the service.

  1. There Are No Tips Included In The Fare

The rule is simple: for whatever money you make by driving, you get 80% while 20% is Uber’s cut. If a passenger hops out saying the tip is included in the fare then understand a part or all of the tip is for Uber.

Departing Thoughts

These were the five things every driver should keep in mind while driving for Uber to avoid problems.

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