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It’s A Squirrel’s Life Giveaway


Inspired by his experience from rescuing a tree squirrel, Randy Hecht, an aerospace engineer from Southern California invented the educational board game, “It’s A Squirrel’s Life.”

After long research, Randy decided to engage kids in playing educational board games getting them away from modern video games. He made this choice because he learned board games develop STEM, social and negotiation skills in kids through playful learning.

Randy co-founded the company Moxy Roxy, Inc. to pay homage to his furry friend, “Roxy.” Roxy has built her nests around Randy’s backyard, giving birth to several litters of babies.

Roxy continues to visit Randy regularly. Participate in the giveaway and join us on our journey of nature, fun and developmental growth. Read about one mother’s and her children’s journey.

The Giveaway

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  1. Roberta White

    Love my squirrels!

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