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mattress affects your sleep and health - woman waking up with back pain from sleeping on a bad mattress

How Your Mattress Affects Your Sleep And Health

The best mattress will allow you to have a good rest. You’ll wake up feeling more refreshed and well rested.

However, the wrong or old mattress can result in inadequate sleep and physical problems such as lower back pain. Even with these issues, most people still find it difficult selecting a new mattress.

Here are a few ways in which your mattress affects your health and sleep.

Boosts Memory

An excellent quality mattress will give you comfort, which is crucial if you want a good night’s sleep. Your mattress can have a negative or positive effect on your memory functions.

Your brain is still busy even when you are asleep. This is because it keeps reviewing the activities or thoughts you were engaged in while you were awake.

Research reveals individuals who get adequate quality sleep perform better in tests and can learn new skills faster than those who don’t get good sleep.

Lowers Pain and Stress Levels

Mattresses that are too soft or too old can trigger pain in the body because of the lack of adequate support. Most bad quality mattresses tend to sag in the middle or in areas where the body is heavy.

This can result in pain and inflammation, which will affect your sleep quality. Also, the lack of restful sleep makes you vulnerable to irritability, headaches, worry and other stressors.

Check out nectar bed reviews for the best mattresses that will prevent pain while you sleep.

Promotes Snoring

An old mattress can be the cause of snoring one of the most overlooked problems. If your mattress fails to support your entire body correctly, your airways can be put under pressure or the tissues can be sunken, resulting in snoring.

Mattresses tend to take the shape of the body. This makes it easy for your airways to be blocked.

Snoring and its evil twin sleep apnea is also associated with many hazardous health problems such as heart failure.

Lowers Allergies

Dust mites flourish in mattresses because they tend to feed on the people’s shedded dead skin cells. An accumulation of dust mites and dust can trigger allergic reactions which can disrupt sleep.

If you have an old mattress, you should use slipcovers, wash your beddings using hot water and vacuum your mattress. Buying a chemical-free, organic mattress will also prevent allergic reactions most people have as a result of the chemicals found in standard mattresses.

Contributes to Overweight or Obesity

Lack of adequate, quality sleep because of an old mattress can lead to overeating and binge-eating. A poor-quality mattress will keep you awake during the night, and this gives you an ideal chance to indulge in snacks.

Your mattress is important because having a good sleep at night is crucial for your health and quality of life. Buying a new mattress can be a challenge for most people.

However, with the right guidelines, you’ll get one that will give you the best sleep. Make sure you opt for natural materials like latex mattresses and test the mattress before buying to make sure you go home with one that suits your needs.

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