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Childproofing Your Home

Raising a family can be both exciting and anxiety filled! There are so many different things to thinkabout that may not have given you any cause for concern before.

However, your home is full of potential risks and dangers for children. While exploring is an integral childhood behavior, accidents can happen all too easily if you haven’t childproofed your home.

Our intention isn’t to cause panic and undue worry. Rather, our desire is for you to consider the different areas of your home that should be childproof.

In the following infographic we offer tips and hints on how you can make your home a safer place for your children. Taking you through each room of an average home we point out some “hidden” dangers that may not have crossed your mind.

The infographic identifies ways these potential or actual dangers can be childproofed. For those of you who believe childproofing their home isn’t necessary we’ve also included some eye opening accident statistics that will surprise you.

Items such as stair gates really should be used either to prevent children from climbing the stairs and potentially falling back down or used to stop them from entering kitchens or bathrooms. By the way, kitchens and bathrooms are the two most dangerous rooms in the home.

Other considerations include placing pots and pans on the back burners of the stove. This will prevent children from grabbing the handles and spilling boiling liquids on themselves and the floor. Purchasing medicines in childproof containers and storing them in locked cabinets to prevent child access.

These are just a few examples of potential accidents that can easily cause harm to children of any age. No parent wants their child to be unnecessarily hurt, especially when many accidents which occur in the home are avoidable.

Read on to find out different ways of Childproofing Your Home. It could help save your child from serious injury or harm.

Childproofing Your Home by Radiator Valves 4u
Childproofing Your Home by Radiator Valves 4u

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