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bonding with your child through woodworking - stepdad and son working on birdhouse

Bonding With Your Child Through Woodworking

Parenting can be a joyous experience. Whether you are a dad or step-dad, working with your kids can create fantastic memories for years to come. 

Having a presence in your child’s life is something they’ll appreciate. Teaching them new things, working with them on homework or projects, and giving them your time is one of the best things you can do for your relationship

One way to bond with your son or daughter is to try a woodworking project with them. Create something they can put in their room to treasure the experience or let them help you with a project that can be displayed in the house.

Woodwork 101

When working with wood, parents know there are some safety concerns. Depending on your child’s age, it’s best to keep power tools and saws away from small, curious hands.

Many simple woodworking projects can be completed using a hammer and some nails and may not need power tools at all.

Watch for tripping hazards like multiple extension cords that the kids might not see. Keep the area well-lit and establish a few ground rules for working with wood. 

Clear communication and rules will help both child and parent be safe for the duration of the project.

Be Open

One of the best things you can do with your child is to be open with them. Talking about things at school, in your daily lives, sharing thoughts and feelings all teach the child good communication and social skills. 

Working on a project such as a birdhouse is a simple, practical plan that both dad and kids will enjoy. 

The project requires only a few pieces of wood, and letting the child paint it however they desire is a bonus for them.  Plus, teaching the child to help others, or an animal, in this case, is a good thing. 

Building a tiny home a little bird might use is a positive project. Be open with your child on how to treat others, instructions for building the birdhouse and the conversations in-between for a well-rounded experience.

Be a Family

Half the battle is mentally preparing to be a dad. You are a family now, and adjustments might have to be made to be a good parent

As a single man, you can go where you want and do what you wanted when you wanted to. 

But, as a dad you have to now keep in mind there are tiny eyes watching and waiting for you and your presence is almost always needed.

Working together on a fun project like creating a game board, will create time together both before and after the project is completed. Time spent with your children is something your kids will love, especially if they can work on a project with you.

It Takes Work

Like projects, all relationships take work. This includes the relationships with your children. 

Sometimes, you may not agree on what is right or what to do, but letting them know that they can always come to you to talk or ask questions opens the doors to love and communication

Keeping an active connection is essential, so your kid has a strong foundation on which to grow.  Working side-by-side on some woodworking projects is something you both may enjoy and look forward to.

There are many projects besides woodworking that can help strengthen the bond between father and child.  Your kid will love the time spent with you.  As a parent, you may have to put your “me” time aside until after the little ones are asleep.  Being there and making a presence for your child while they tackle the day cultivates a relationship of trust and happiness.

About The Author

Sarah writes for The DIY Hammer. She is an enthusiast when it comes to fun facts and techniques you can use to build projects at home and in your garden.

If you want to find a great way to bond with your stepchild that will make plenty of time for some extra conversation, and may just possibly be one the most memorable things of their entire childhood, you may want to consider building a tree house.

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