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alternative uses for unused household items - a US stamp depicting a Rube Goldberg inventio

Alternative Uses For Unused Household Items

Thirty-eight Alternative Uses For Unused Household Items

If you grew up in the age of the original MacGyver, you’ll know the charismatic power ingenuity can hold over impressionable kids. If you’re a stepdad trying to connect to your significant other’s sprites, a little MacGyver magic can go a long way.

But this doesn’t mean you have to drag the kids to the shed and create an improvised armored vehicle from bent bicycle wheels and rusting watering cans. Instead, you can weave wonder (and save a few bucks) by demonstrating any number of innovative uses of regular household stuff on a more domestic scale.

From mustard sachets which double as cooling packs to old plastic funnels re-imagined as wool dispensers, you’ll find endless possibilities in this smart new infographic from SavingSpot.

Courtesy of: CashNetUSA

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You’re probably aware lemons are packed with Vitamin C. Lemons are great for making a steamy get-well-soon drink and equally useful at cocktail hour! But did you know there are dozens of uses for this powerful little citrus fruit – and they don’t all revolve around the kitchen.

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