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overcoming the stress and anxiety of cancer - a cheerful woman winning her battle with cancer

Overcoming The Stress And Anxiety of Cancer

Dealing with cancer can be extremely stressful both physically and emotionally. A diagnosis of cancer, can be the most shattering experience of your life.

Nothing could be more devastating than a diagnosis of such a serious and threatening illness. Yet many cancer patients are leading busy, normal and full lives even after receiving a cancer diagnosis.

This is simply because they have successfully dealt with the stress and are coping with patience and wisdom. Any illness as dangerous and life-threatening as cancer can evoke a lot of negative and depressing feelings.

The accompanying stress would be unimaginable. The key is to remain calm and deal with the adversary with a strong resolve to beat it.

Deal Patiently with the Changes

Cancer and cancer treatments comes with a variety of side effects. There could be certain life changes related to the treatments that could affect you both physically and emotionally.

While you encounter various physical issues, cancer also ignites certain feelings you may not be familiar with. It could make familiar feelings of stress, anxiety and desperation even more intense.

You would not know how to handle fleeting feelings. Your feelings may change every day, every hour, or on a minute-to-minute basis.

However, don’t lose hope. Stay calm and draw inspiration from others compelled to take the same road before you and emerged victorious.

Remember there are relief and help, waiting for you. Willpower and determination play a pivotal role in overcoming cancer and its side effects.

Take Charge of Your Life: Ask Your Doctor and Learn More

When you know for the first time you have cancer, you may be dreading the worst. You could simply overwhelmed with the feeling of everything getting out of control.

The reasons for feeling this way could be because:

  • You’re wondering if you would continue to live,
  • Your normal schedules would be all screwed up because of regular doctor visits, cancer treatments and follow-ups,
  • People are constantly using medical concepts and terms you’re not able to understand, and
  • You feel lonely and helpless too.

Even though you’re feeling down and thoroughly depressed, remember it’s you and only you, who can take full charge of your life and not let anything get out of control.

Be proactive, co-operate with your doctor and provide whatever documents he or she requires.

Talk to them clearly and ask in detail everything you need to know about your kind of cancer and treatment. Clearly let your doctor know if you aren’t able to understand them.

As a way of channeling your energies you should actively participate in activities like crafts, music, reading or even learning something new.

Educate Yourself

You should browse the Internet and learn facts about your type of cancer and treatment. You should learn what are your chances of survival; recovery or lifestyle changes you would need to make etc.

You must learn everything relevant to your upcoming treatment. Learn more about good resources for antibody products that could be needed for immunotherapy to treat cancer.

Prepare yourself to face the inevitable physical issues and mental turmoil associated with cancer. You need to reach out for help and support.

Gather as much information as possible so you’re well-equipped to face the cancer onslaught and emerge victorious.

Communication Is Vital

You need to be vocal about your needs, feelings, and of course, fears. You need to be 100 percent frank and honest with your friends and family.

They should know exactly how you are feeling. Politely tell them if you wish to be left alone.

You could even request them to come and visit you if you are feeling very lonely and need some stimulating company and mental support. Ask your doctor, social workers, and even the health care providers for practical information and for getting a clear perspective on cancer, its causes, and its repercussions.

You should learn and know exactly what to expect.


In order to combat deadly cancer, you need to trust others, seek their help and rely on them.  More often than not, cancer patients try to ignore the fact they are unwell and it’s going to be a tough call.

They should ease their stress and mental pressure by sharing their feelings with the ones they trust. Allow your loved ones to take good care of you.

Seek their help and don’t feel shy to rely on them. Feel happy there are people who love you and are there with you every step of the way to recovery.

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