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Product Review – BFIT108

Just 10 Minutes

I don’t know about you, but ten minutes doesn’t seem like a lot of time. Complete an entire workout in 10 minutes? Seriously?

I usually spend between 60 to 90 minutes when I go to the gym. When I can’t set aside the time to workout I end up feeling guilty and frustrated.

When I was approached to write a review of the BFIT108 application I had misgivings. Can someone get in shape by working out only 10 minutes a day in just eight weeks? 

The Rise of Fitness Apps

Smartphone fitness apps can help you if you’re trying to become fitter and healthier. Fitness apps can become your virtual personal trainer fees less the fees. Fitness apps offer these benefits:

  • Easily Keep Track of Your Progress
  • Get Free Workout Ideas
  • Set Realistic and Achievable Goals
  • Daily Monitoring of Your Diet

Getting and maintaining fitness requires daily habits and lifestyle changes. A few nudges in a positive direction from your mobile phone might make all the difference.

The BFIT108 fitness app provides you with all of the benefits above and for FREE.


BFIT108 was developed by a single dad who wanted to work out and get in shape while raising his children. Also, out of a desire to help his dating life.

A friend of his put together a workout a dietician put together his cheap easy to cook and healthy meals and this single dad was a new man. Working out for just 10 minutes before the kids wake up doesn’t sound like a lot but the program gradually increases the intensity and in eight weeks you’re a new man/woman.

Why BFIT108 Works

BFIT108 is made for those who don’t like to workout and are out of shape. BFIT108 is made simple so you use it.

    • Goals
      BFIT108 shows you’re progress and provides intermediate goals along the way
    • Variety
      No two days of exercises are the same. The exercise intensity slowly increases daily.

      You never know what to expect so it’s always fresh. The music is upbeat and keeps you moving.

    • Habit
      As regular washing our face and brushing our teeth BFIT108 creates another healthy habit in your life. Making BFIT108 as regular as brushing your feet.
    • Convenient
      You can do these workouts from the comfort of your home.
    • Diet
      You are provided with recipes for the week that are high in vegetables, meats and low in dairy and pasts. This diet is ideal to make sure you eat clean while on the program.

      They made sure the recipes are quick to make and cost under $10 a meal. You will be losing weight and saving money.

Community Minded

The BFIT108 company is a sponsor of the Ohio based African American Male Wellness Walk. The purpose of the National African American Male Wellness Walk Initiative is to raise awareness for preventable health diseases.

The National African American Male Wellness Walk Initiative is the largest health initiative for African Americans and other minorities in the state of Ohio.  BFIT108 supports event participants in their goals of achieving fitness and health.

Future App Features

  • You can workout in teams
  • Workout with weights
  • Workout longer than 10 minutes (My favorite!)

Please join me in getting healthy and fit by establishing a BFIT108 habit today. Download the app today.


Get BFIT108 Now


Get BFIT108 Now

This post was sponsored by BFIT108.


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