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Little Adventures Product Review

I received this costume set for my son three days ago and he’s wanted to wear it every day since then. He likes to pretend he’s fighting monsters with the sword and shield set.

little adventures product review - Sarah's son modeling the knight's vest, shield and sword

Both the knight vest and the helmet are lightweight and made of cloth which is perfect for active kids that don’t like wearing regular helmets. My son doesn’t like to wear helmets for long periods of time because his head gets sweaty, so the cloth helmet is much better.

The sword and shield are also both lightweight. The sword is made of foam and would probably not cause much damage.

little adventures product review - Sarah's son modeling the knight vest, shield and swordThe shield is very easy to put on, with Velcro straps in the back.

I was extremely impressed not only with the quality and detail in the knight costume but also with the quality of all other costumes on the Little Adventures website, especially the princess costumes.

I also like how many of the costumes can easily be worn over regular clothes. You don’t have to completely change their clothes and the kids can put the costumes on themselves. They also have costumes for dolls and adults.


The knight vest and helmet are $21.99. The sword and shield are $12.99.

Shipping is free if you order from the Little Adventures website.

Product Pictures

Knight Vest and Sword

 little adventures product review - Black knight vest and helmet set

Sword and Shield

little adventures product review - sword and shield setProduct Description

For the vest and helmet, from the website:

“Your child will be ready for his quest in this newly designed Black Knight Vest and Silver Helmet Set. The front of the vest is made from comfortable knit fabric patterned with silver foil dots, and the back is crushed velvet. Finish the look off with the felt and silver foil fabric helmet and he’ll be ready for his adventure. Features: washable, comfortable.”

For the sword and shield, from the website:

“Dragons beware and maidens rejoice, your knight is on his way with his trusty sword and shield to aid him on his quest. The set is made from a high-quality dense foam that adds both safety and longevity. Adventures await! Features: High-quality dense foam construction. Safe for play; made to last.”

My Description

This costume (and any other costumes from Little Adventures) are wonderful for kids who are interested in costume play and love to play pretend (which are 99% of kids). They also make great costumes for Halloween or other dress-up occasions. The Little Adventures website also sells adult and doll costumes.


While most of the kids’ costumes were very reasonably priced and under $30, I thought some of the costumes and accessories (such as the cloaks) were a bit overpriced. However, they seem to be very well-made and most likely will last a long time.

How to Buy

You may purchase costumes from the Little Adventures website or from stores like Walmart or Amazon.


The contents of the package received were one knight vest, one helmet, one sword and one shield. I received this in exchange for my review.

What Others Say

The inventory for Walmart hardly has any reviews for Little Adventures costumes, except for two 5-star reviews out of 5 stars for the Tinkerbell and princess costumes. All Little Adventures costumes sold on Amazon have received at least 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

The Facebook page for Little Adventures receives 4.8 stars out of 5 stars. Overall, most people who buy costumes from Little Adventures are satisfied.

About The Author

Sarah S. is a mom of one active 3.5-year old boy, who alternates between being a brave hero and being afraid of the dark at least 10 times per day. She lives in Santa Clara, CA.

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  1. When my kids were young, they loved dress up so much. We even had a dress up box. It was always fun to find something to add at a yard sale or at a used clothing store. My sons would save up their money to buy costumes and masks at the store, their favorite being all things Batman, but they loved all superheroes. I’m not a grandmother yet, so if I win this, it’ll go to my sister for her grandson.

  2. Looks like high quality product to have fun with!

  3. I bet my daughter would love to dress as a knight too! She already has a blow up light saber that she attacks us with. The costumes do look like great quality too.

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