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Getting Your Kids To School – Car Or Bus?

When you’re a parent, one of the things you’ll need to figure out every fall is getting your kids to school each day. Should you rely on the school bus?

Or should you drive your kids to school yourself? It’s an important decision.

The best answer isn’t always clear. Each family’s situation is unique.

For many families, a bus is the best option. For others, a daily ride from a parent is what’s best.

How should you go about making this decision? Here are a few of the top considerations about driving your kids to school each day.


When you personally drive your children to and from school every day, you’re taking their safety in your hands.

For many parents, nothing beats the ability to make sure their kids arrive at school happily and safely.

It should come as no surprise a parent driver would be safer than a bus driver. Parents don’t have to contend with a bus full of screaming kids.

They don’t have to navigate the roads with a giant, awkward bus. What’s more, bus drivers are often young people without the experience necessary to drive safely.

When it comes to safety, driving your kids to school yourself definitely wins out.


Most parents who rely on bus services to get their kids to school do so in order to save time. Everyone is short on time these days.

For many parents, taking an extra twenty minutes each day to take your kids to school is not an acceptable solution. It might be worth it for you to save that time by letting your children take the bus.

That way, you can spend the time you save at work, making the money necessary to keep home life rich and comfortable.

Parents pressed for time should consider letting their kids take the bus to school. It’s the time-conscious choice.


When it comes to safety or time, there’s a simple answer to which method is better. The question becomes more complex, however, when money is considered.

The cheaper option is going to depend on a few big factors, such as:

  • Distance to School. Gas prices are unpredictable these days. If your children’s school is a good distance away from your home or workplace, a twice-daily trip could take a big toll on your gas bill.
  • Bus Charges. Depending on where you live, you may need to pay a fee to have your kids take the bus. If that fee is too high, you should probably think hard about skipping the bus and driving the kids yourself.
  • Your Work Situation. If you work and your schedule is similar to the school’s schedule, driving the children every day could interrupt your ability to make work commitments. You don’t want to arrive late to work day after day and risk getting in trouble.

But if you work from home or have a shift schedule that allows you to be free during drop-off and pick-up times, you might be able to skip the bus.

Regardless of whether you decide to drive your kids to school or have them ride the bus you still need to take responsibility for your child’s safety and well-being. If you decide your child will take the bus here are few tips to share with them on school bus safety.

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