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How To Make Raising A Family Less Expensive

Every Dollar Counts: How to Make Raising a Family Less Expensive

Between buying school supplies, paying for braces and putting food on the table, raising a child can be expensive. Fortunately, there are things you can do to reduce the financial challenges you may feel as it relates to raising a family.

Let’s look at a few specific steps you can take to provide for your loved ones without breaking your budget.

Work From Home If Possible

There are many benefits to working at home either full-time or a couple of days per week. First, you won’t need to pay for daycare or a babysitter if you choose to leave your child at home.

Second, you don’t need to put gas in your car, buy lunch at work or spend money on work clothes. Finally, you may be entitled to reimbursement for any expenses related to your job.

Have the Kids Pay Their Own Way

If your child decides he or she wants a new smartphone, you should make your child pay for their device. If your child decides he or she wants an expensive pair of jeans or sneakers, your child should pay for those as well.

In addition to keeping costs down, your son or daughter learns the importance of earning what he or she wants. Of course, not every child has the funds to pay for their own things.

Most kids don’t start getting jobs until they’re 16. In some areas, though, they can get jobs at 14.

Most school districts will allow teens to pick up after school janitorial jobs starting at that age. That might be something they might start thinking about.

Also, many girls – and sometimes boys – may even start babysitting at a young age as well.

Typically, that age is 12 or whenever their parents (and those who entrust them with their kids) think they’re responsible enough. Kids who are younger than that might be able to do chores around the house or the houses of entrusted neighbors, friends and family members to earn a little bit of money.

Having a child work for what they want is a great way to teach them responsibility, work ethic and how to save money.

Buy Used Whenever Possible

There is generally no need to buy a brand new car or buy new parts at retail prices. Buying used cars and repairing them with parts from a salvage yard, like U Pull & Pay, can prevent you from making a car payment for as long as your children live with you.

Using discount online retail sites as well as looking for items at garage sales and flea markets can also help you get what you need at an affordable price.

Buy Your Food in Bulk

When you buy in bulk, you pay less per each unit that you buy. You may already know buying a 12 pack of sodas is usually less expensive than if you bought 12 individual cans out of a vending machine.

This concept holds true for other items such as meat, tuna fish and peanut butter. Raising a family can be astonishingly expensive at times.

This means you will need to do everything in your power to save a few dollars on everything you buy for yourself or for your kids. In addition to staying on budget, you can teach your kids valuable budgeting skills that can help them when they start their own family.

About The Author

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and full-time mother from Sacramento, CA. Her two boys keep her very busy, and they are her inspiration for much of her writing. Her favorite subjects to write about are family and business.

Do you have other suggestions for stretching family dollars? Please share them in the Comments below. Thank you.


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