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Five Qualities Every Husband Should Have

Whether you’re already married or thinking of popping the question, there are certain qualities every husband should have in order to make his marriage a happy one.

Being a good boyfriend doesn’t mean you’ll be a good husband.

This isn’t to say you don’t have the potential to be a good husband. Marriage is just an entirely different circumstance with a new set of rules, requirements and needs that simply aren’t present in a dating relationship.

Marriage is more than a lifelong commitment to another person; saying “I do” seals a promise to share your entire life with the one you love and make an entirely new one together. But how do you do that?

You can’t dive right in and expect things to work themselves out.

Being married requires sacrifice that a lot of people struggle to make no matter how much they love their spouse.

If you’re ready to take that next step, wonderful! Now it’s time to get down to business and do some introspection.

Here are five qualities every man should have to be a good husband today and forever.

1. Willingness to Sacrifice

A boyfriend might “put up” with watching his girlfriend’s favorite shows or going to that weird, new Japanese restaurant over your usual joint, but when he does, it feels like a favor.

Marriage will always require sacrifice, and a good husband values his spouse’s happiness and goes out of his way to nurture it with no strings attached.

As a husband, you need to make an effort to communicate about everything. Marriage isn’t made out of the most momentous occasions in our lives; it’s a lot of little talks and small moments pieced together into one story with two authors.

Talk to your spouse and don’t just do it to coddle them. Every once in a while you can insist on your choice of activity, but most men find yielding to their wife’s choice more often works out for the better in the relationship.

2. Acceptance of Flaws

Have you ever been in a relationship that goes great as long as you don’t act a certain way or bring up a certain subject? Maybe your wife isn’t the best communicator or is always late.

These aren’t great qualities to have, but every human possesses flaws. A good husband doesn’t belittle his spouse over her shortcomings. He doesn’t take them “as is” and consider them a tradeoff. Instead, good husbands accept and love their spouses for exactly who they are.

Does this mean you should be a pushover and not voice your annoyances or concerns? Of course not.

Instead of bringing up things you don’t like about your partner, for your sake think about what encouraging her to break her bad habits could do for her. You should always make the effort to help her see herself exactly as you do.

3. Communication

Spontaneity is fun, but in a marriage, there’s a time and place for surprises. Unexpected, home-cooked dinners and weekend getaways are fantastic and should be done, but making life choices without your partner’s input is another story entirely.

When you share a life together, every decision matters.

Whether it’s picking a color to paint the bathroom or applying for a mortgage, always talk to your spouse and take their opinions to heart.

It’s not a burden to have someone to talk to about everything; it’s a blessing.

4. Honesty about Personal Struggles

It can be easy to think you need to put up a false image and be the perfect role model for your wife. However, humans are imperfect creatures no matter how perfect the love they share may feel.

A man ready for marriage will be willing to tell the one he loves about the obstacles he’s overcome in the past as well as the demons he struggles with today.

If you struggle with problems like alcoholism, anger issues or a pornography, you aren’t alone; millions of men face the same obstacles.

A committed husband swallows his pride and faces his fears for the sake of his marriage. This means confessing to yourself and your spouse that you need help and having the courage and confidence to seek therapy, anger management training, or pornography addiction recovery in Salt Lake City when it’s needed.

5. Excitement for the Future

The “carpe diem” philosophy works well in your early twenties when you’re still finding your identity and relatively unencumbered by responsibility. But a man who’s ready for marriage gets excited about the future.

A growth-oriented mentality makes your life and marriage more interesting. After all, have you ever heard of a fulfilling marriage that hasn’t changed since the ceremony?

Couples who share common goals and dreams work together to make them happen, which leads to a stronger bond and happier life. Times will change no matter what, so you have to be willing to jump in and swim with the current rather than struggle against it for the sake of ease or comfort.

Don’t Settle for Being Average

Being honest with yourself is arguably the most important quality of being a good husband.

Think about it.

Can you truly be loyal, open and trustworthy if you don’t even acknowledge your own feelings?

Plenty of men have the ability to be in a relationship and be married, but to be a good husband, they have to look beyond their partner and the love they share.

Ask yourself why this love—this life—matters. Ask yourself why you’ve chosen the person you’re with.

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Dixie Somers is a full-time mother and part-time freelance writer and blogger. She has written for many niches, including home, family, finance and health. She lives in Arizona with her three girls 8, 12 and 14 and husband.

Are there other qualities you feel a husband should have?  Please share them in the Comments. Thank you.

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