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Dad’s Guide To Buying A Family Car

There’s probably no possession more valuable to a family after their home than their car. This is not just a vehicle to take you on long road trips, but also something you use to take your kiddos to school and go grocery shopping.

In other words, next to your sofa and your office chair, your car seat will be the place you will spend the most time in on annual basis. This is why, you need to be extra careful when buying.

As a parent, you’re not just buying a car that just suits your needs, but a vehicle that meets the needs of your entire family.

1. First Comes the Budget

It isn’t a surprise the first thing on your mind when buying a car should be your household budget. Sure, purchasing a new car is a sizeable investment and occasionally it may be worth your while to spend more than you have planned.

Still, getting yourself in debt or spending more than you can afford is usually not worth it. Remember, you may want a luxury car, but you need a car that’s inexpensive and reliable.

After all, your expenses won’t end with buying the car since you will probably also have to invest a bit in periodic servicing, unexpected repairs and car insurance.

2. Used or New

When considering your budget, the most important factor would be whether to go with used or new. Used is cheaper (usually several times over), but new is usually more reliable.

However, not even all used cars are the same. Mileage is what really matters, so with some luck you can get a car that’s “as good as new” for a much lower price than if you were to buy it at the car dealership.

This also means, you could potentially purchase a better vehicle, for the same amount of money, if you’re ready to let go the idea of being a first owner. You also need to think about the size of the vehicle and this mostly depends on how many of you are there.

Keep in mind, in the future, your family may undergo a significant expansion.

3. Buying Hybrid

As a parent, you have a duty to teach your children some valuable lessons in life. Now, one of these lessons is the importance of being Eco-friendly.

The easiest way to transfer this knowledge is by teaching them by your example. Instead of going with a regular vehicle, you should buy a hybrid family car and in this way kill two birds with one stone.

Apart from having the pleasure of knowing you did the right thing, you also get to save quite a bit on gas on a regular basis. A true win-win scenario if there ever was one.

4. Safety Comes First

Finally, you need to keep in mind safety always comes first. You see, by purchasing a faulty vehicle you are not only endangering your own life, but that of your entire family.

Because of this, before you buy a car you need to make sure all its vital parts are in working order. For this, you may need to hire a mechanic, someone you can trust.

When it comes to safety-essential parts you may want to look for brands, like Bendix brakes as a guarantee of quality.


Being the head of the family carries tremendous responsibility. It means you need to do all the research, all the math and all the heavy lifting in order for everyone to be safe and reap the benefits of your labor.

Still, you need to live up to the reputation of Superman your family believes you are. In the end, it’s all more than worth it.

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