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games for blind and visually impaired children - blind girl reading braille

Games For Blind And Visually Impaired Children

The 17th century English poet John Milton stated,”To be blind is not miserable; not to be able to bear blindness, that is miserable.”

It’s not a person’s condition that matters, what matters is how a person responds to their condition.

It’s important for children to be engaged with games at an early age. Playing games helps improve a child’s curiosity, independence, as well as contributes to their personality development.

The benefits of children playing games was recognized by the early educators and consequently incorporated as a regular part of the primary and secondary school curriculum. Indoor games are equally important as the outdoor ones.

Indoor games have a key role in influencing the child’s intellectual well-being and intelligence. Unfortunately, these games are not readily available for visually impaired or blind children.

These children also have the right to nurture their mind and intelligence with the help of indoor games.

If Braille is available to visually impaired and blind children, should they have access to games only intended for them?

Through steady advancements in technology, games exclusively for the blind and visually impaired children are now available.  

The games focus on modern methods for enthusiastically involving children in a wide range of activities. It definitely helps children in discovering new methods of enjoying indoor games.

If children’s get involved in these games regularly, it can undoubtedly build up their sensory proficiency in the long term.

Playtime with Blind and visually impaired children
Playtime with Blind and visually impaired children by the Wooden Toy Shop.

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