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Gifts To Get Your Star Wars Lover For Christmas

Four Spectacular Gifts To Get Your Star Wars Lover For Christmas

If you have a die-hard Star Wars fan on your Christmas shopping list, you’re likely praying for the Force to just bring you the perfect gift. Never fear, here are the four most spectacular Star Wars themed gifts sure to make your Jedi believe you really did use the force. 

1. Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

There’s not an adult Star Wars fan alive who didn’t pile up the couch cushions and pretend like they were sleeping inside a tauntaun. Now, give them the gift that lets them live out that fantasy for real.

Well, as close to real as they can get. The tauntaun sleeping bag comes with the tauntaun head pillow attached to the sleeping bag for maximum comfort.

The sleeping bag is printed with the saddle and even has the internal intestines printed on the inside of the bag for the ultimate Star Wars dream.

Because you can’t sleep inside a tauntaun without a lightsaber to cut it open the zipper pull is a plush lightsaber. This sleeping bag is the complete Hoth experience.



2. Stormtrooper Robe and Slippers

What? Oh yeah! You read that right. Now your favorite Stormtrooper can dress the part even when getting out of the shower.

This bathrobe has all the markings of the Stormtrooper uniform including a hood to complete the look. If being a Stormtrooper doesn’t fly your speeder you can also be a Jedi or go for the father of all robes and get Darth Vader.

All of the robes are fleece so you can be nice and comfortable while you dream of the Force. Take this gift to the next level with slippers to match.

From Jedi style to Darth Vader’s helmet, a pair of slippers will complete the look in classic Star Wars style.

3. Chewbacca’s Messenger Bag

We all have bags we use to haul around our laptops, tablets, and other items. Why not take it to the fandom extreme and trade your old bag in for one that looks like Chewie’s? Spice up your Star Wars costume with this messenger bag.

It’s big enough to hold an 11” laptop and has interior pockets to help you stay organized. There’s a pouch divider down the middle separating the center section, a flat pocket with a zipper and pockets for your pens and cell phone.

The bag is made from brown faux leather.  The Star Wars logo embossed on the front. The strap is made from seat belt material and is patterned to look like Chewbacca’s bandolier.

The front clasp is made of brass with hidden magnets to ensure the flap stays closed even in a fight with a Stormtrooper. 

4. Han Solo in Carbonite

For a Star Wars fan, nothing could be cooler than walking into your living room and seeing Han Solo encased in carbonite on your wall. Now there’s a decal that can make that a reality.

This life size wall decal looks exactly like it did in Jabba’s lair, and because it’s a decal you can easily peel and stick it where ever you want it to go. The likeness of Han Solo is so real you’ll start to forget Princess Leia broke in and helped him escape.

Measuring at six feet and six inches high you will get the full movie effect. There’s no Star Wars decoration that could outshine this, well that is unless you have the Millennium Falcon in your driveway.

Don’t let Christmas get you down while you search for the perfect Star Wars gift.

Any of these four presents are sure to make your Star Wars fan the happiest in the galaxy. 

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