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create the perfect outdoor space for fall - scene of fall foliage reflecting off a lake

Create The Perfect Outdoor Space For Fall

Fall is a magical place to be outdoors. With leaves changing color and weather going from too hot to just right, you have a small window of opportunity to enjoy autumn before winter kicks in.

While many people take pilgrimages to forests and mountain locations to observe the fall foliage, you don’t have to go further than your own backyard to truly enjoy the changing season.

But is your backyard inviting enough for you and your guests to get outdoors and make the most of it?

With a few small changes (or a complete overhaul if you’re up to it) you can transform your backyard into a fall oasis, where you can entertain guests, play with your kids, or simply relax and meditate in the splendor of autumn.

The following infographic if chock-full of tips from design and landscaping experts at RST Brands, so you can create the perfect fall retreat, right in your backyard.


About The Author

Hayden Beck is a freelance writer who contributes content to multiple online publications. He is passionate about interior and exterior design. He has recently worked with RST Brands to help individuals learn about recent trends in patio, garden and pool deck design. When Hayden is not writing, he enjoys traveling and doing things outdoors.

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