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When’s The Right Time To Get Contacts For Your Kids?

As children learn the proper ways to take care of their glasses, they begin to understand the important responsibility that goes along with caring for their eyes.

Once they’ve completely embraced this concept and their eyes have become used to improved vision, it might be time to think about getting contacts.

Younger children shouldn’t wear contacts because they might not know how to remove them and put them in, but older children who should be more adept at touching their eye and taking care of the contacts should be okay with them.

Age 11 is usually when most kids can handle wearing contacts.


You can try letting your child wear contact lenses while they’re playing sports to see how they will adjust to the lenses. If they can handle removing them and keeping them clean, then you can start letting your child wear them more often.

Contacts are safer while playing sports. Glasses have the possibility of getting broke while they are being worn or falling off and breaking on the ground.


Wearing contacts instead of glasses can greatly enhance a child’s self-esteem. If your child finds it’s hard to wear glasses without being teased, then this might be a time to talk about getting contacts.

You’ll need to explain there will be proper care involved, such as keeping them clean and not dropping them on the floor. 

Slowing Some Eye Conditions

Contacts can sometimes help to correct nearsightedness better than glasses.  Particular types of lenses that can contribute to reversing existing conditions by changing the shape of the cornea.

Offices like All About Eyes can give more information about these contacts while fitting the child, so there’s minimal discomfort while they are worn.

Saving Money

If you see your child is losing glasses or breaking them, then it might be time to get contacts. You can get a few pairs of contacts for a reasonable price at most eyewear offices.

This option can be less expensive than getting glasses every few months as long as the child knows to take them out when sleeping and where to properly store them when they aren’t being used.

Contacts are sometimes better than glasses for children. They boost the self-esteem.

They don’t get lost as easily because they are easier to wear. Children will often become more responsible when they wear contacts as they are a bit more fragile than glasses.

Switching to contact lenses can be a great alternative to glasses for your children in more ways than one.

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