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Online Healthcare Degrees for Single Parents

The Seven Best Online Healthcare Degrees for Single Parents

Being a single parent is hard work, especially if you plan on going back to college.

Due to the rising cost of traditional college and grueling class schedules at physical locations, the following seven online healthcare degrees are great for single parents looking to advance their career

Bachelor of Science in Medical Diagnostic Imaging

Medical diagnostic imaging is a detailed process that involves creating internal images of a human body. These images are then used to diagnose a patient who might be suffering from an internal injury or illness.

This online bachelor of science degree is perfect for individuals who take a keen interest in the medical field

Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management

The importance of health information management (HIM) was thrust into the spot light in recent years, mostly due to the new healthcare laws passed by congress.

An online HIM degree teaches students the technology, policies and procedures necessary to effectively manage health information. This includes medical records, prescription information, personal information and more

Bachelor of Science in Health Service Administration

If you have previous management experience and are looking to enter the healthcare field, this online degree program is the perfect choice.

A bachelor of science in health service administration will prepare single parents for a role in healthcare management and administration. This can include top administrative positions at hospitals, clinics, rehab centers and more

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Nursing is one of the most in demand job titles in the United States. There has long been a shortage of nurses, and an online bachelor of science in nursing can provide a great opportunity for any single parent to start a lucrative career.

Nurses work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, rehab centers and clinics, and often assist doctors with diagnosis, patient management, medication distribution and more

Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene

Dental hygienists, like nurses, are in high demand. Single parents can obtain an online bachelor of science in dental hygiene while still working a day job and caring for their children.

A dental hygienist normally assists the dentist with teeth cleaning, X-Ray imaging, patient management and dental education

Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science

Medical laboratory science is the study of laboratory testing procedures, proper equipment use, and the various tests that can be administered in a healthcare lab setting.

While the vast majority of this program can be completed online, single parents might have to allot time towards the end of their studies to practice in a physical laboratory setting

Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care

Respiratory care is the study of various diseases that can affect the respiratory system, how to diagnose and treat them.

A bachelor of science in respiratory care is essential for those who wish to become respiratory therapists and want to work in a hospital or clinical setting.

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing career fields in the country. Single parents who wish to advance their careers while still being able to work full time can benefit from completing an online degree in healthcare from a nationally recognized college or university.

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