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How To Help Your Child Write Creatively

Teaching creative writing to children is fun and rewarding. Kids naturally love to hear stories read to them.

As parents, many times our kids fall to sleep while we read to them. We can stimulate an interest in creative writing by developing a desire to write in our children.

Here are five tips on how you can give your child creative writing help.

Familiar Topics

Start out by finding topics of interest to your child.  Favorite toys, grandparents, siblings and pets are usually good examples.

Have your child write five sentences about the topic. These can be fictional and in story form.

Story Telling

You can use a voice recorder and let your child share their story with you. If you don’t have a recorder you can write or type it down. 

On another day you or your child can read the story out loud to the entire family. This helps your child make a connection with hearing stories and making them up.

Use Word Processing Software

Kids take to computers very quickly and your child is probably already comfortable with them. Have them start typing their stories on a computer as soon as possible.

Using a word processor is much easier than handwriting, so writing will be easier. At first, don’t be too concerned with grammar, punctuation and spelling.

After awhile you can gradually start showing your child how to make capital letters and use some of the grammar and spelling tools offered in most word processors.

Use An Idea Box

Get a small box to and tell your child to only use the box is for future story ideas.


Help your kids come up with interesting characters in their writing. Show them stories from authors who are strong on character development.

Make the main character likable having high moral values and making reasonable choices.

Of course, the hero gets the girl/man and are skilled at nearly everything they do.

At first, teaching creative writing to children can seem overwhelming. When approached in small steps it’s not as challenging.

Start with basic stories, story ideas and then character development. There are more advanced steps like plot development, editing, and publishing but these suggestions will help them get started.


Teaching children on how to write creatively is a challenging process. One of the problems children mostly encounter is accuracy.

It has always been considered as the most complicated part when using it in writing classes. The purpose of this article is to show appropriate ways of providing the children with the accurate writing.

This is a significant matter because the children should be able how to construct meaningful sentences or paragraphs, which makes the writing more effective and comprehensible.

Understand children write in different styles. Some children can create accurate sentences, but some of them are unable to do that.

It’s not easy to improve the same errors that children make again and again. If you try to improve this issue by using explanations and different examples, it will be hard to accomplish success.

Therefore, it would be confusing for children by moving directly to definitions or lots of examples explaining how to pay attention to accuracy when writing.

This article was written by the Edusson Community.

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