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How To Have Better Toe Nails For Men

Seven Tips For Better Toe Nails For Men

You can easily spot feet that are well taken care of. The skin looks moisturized and supple with toenails trimmed and clean. 

Failure to have either will place you as on the Most Wanted List for the top ten grooming mistakes. 

According to a recent survey of thousands of women, having long, dirty toenails is the most repulsive grooming mistake a man can make.


No Argument Here – Definitely Repulsive

Women ranked this offense more of a turnoff than bad breath, ear hair and even funk aka body odor!  Also, making the top ten at number eight is having dry, cracked heels beating out blackheads and over-styled hair.

While we don’t have to resort to painting our toenails, guys can do a lot more to better care of our feet. So, here are some tips.

  • Moisturize Regularly

Keeping your feet and toenails moisturized is probably one of the best tricks to keep them looking good. I’m talking about the regular application of lotion to the entire foot.

Take it to the next level of foot care by applying a lovely organic cuticle oil in the cuticles.  At night before going to bed, making it a routine for to slather your feet with lotion and then put on an organic pair of cotton socks while you sleep.

The results – soft feet are awesome.

  • Trim Correctly

It’s important to take the time to properly cut your toenails.  The best time to trim your toenails is immediately after a bath or shower when your nails are soft and flexible.

Make sure you have a proper set of tools, i.e. toenail clippers. 

With toenails, it’s especially important you cut them straight across, right at the end of the toe. Avoid cutting a lot off of the sides, as it could cause ingrown toenails which are quite painful.

Also, make sure you file properly and in one direction so there are no broken edges with sharp points. If you have thick toenails here are some tips for picking the best toenail clippers.

  • Keep It Fresh

Frequently, air out your dress and athletic shoes. Especially, if they become moist after use.

Damp shoes can easily turn into a breeding ground for fungus.  Frequently, airing out your shoes can also prevent them from becoming smelly.

  • Go Organic

When buying slippers, socks or anything else that will be in close quarters to your feet, whenever possible, choose organic materials.

Organic means there will be fewer chemicals and dyes in the material. Cotton helps to absorb moisture keeping it away from your feet.

  • Vitamins are Important

Taking the right type and amount of minerals and vitamins are essential to both your inner and outer beauty.

I do recommend minerals and vitamins are taken as part of a healthy and balanced diet as opposed to supplements.

  • It Can Be Cool To Buff Up

One of the trade secrets that really works is buffing your nails. If you briskly rub each nail with a buffer or even your thumbs, the blood flow to the nail is stimulated further enhancing growth. In addition, if done properly it can also make your nails look shiny.

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Cormac Reynolds writes on fashion for some blogs and thoroughly enjoys it. When he’s not writing for fashion blogs, he loves to travel.

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