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How Smartphones Can Support Smart Parenting

It wasn’t too long ago, smartphones were once exclusively for adults, but now it’s common place to see kids as young as four with their own smartphone. Parents have a variety of reasons why they get their kids a smartphone from safety to helping with homework.

While a smartphone cannot substitute for parenting it can be used to support your smart parenting efforts.

Here some creative ways on using smartphones to support smart parenting.

  • Motivation/Consequence. As a parent or guardian you it requires an intentional effort to raise a responsible and self-disciplined child. If your son or daughter is into their smartphone you can use it to modify their behavior.

When your child is disobedient, you can withhold your child’s phone use as a consequence. Psychologists say withholding pleasure is the simplest way to help children realize their faults.

Also, assuming you’re limiting your child’s smartphone use you can allow for additional time on their device in recognition for their good grades or performance.

  • Education. Who says it’s not possible to have fun and learn all at the same time? Choose games that are both entertaining and educational and sit back with your child and show them how much fun learning can be.
  • While in the Queue. Gone are the days when children would complain about long waits, whether in restaurants, dentist appointments, or wherever else you may wait in line for service or an appointment.

Allow the time to pass effortlessly, by allowing your child to play on their phone.

  • Bonding. In these hectic times it can be challenging for families to gather and bond. However, the smartphone can change that for you and your kids. There are several smartphone video games, allowing the entire family to play alongside with one another.

Veteran parents understand the time spent rearing their kids goes fast, so seize every possibility to be with them while you can.

The above are a few ways for you to use the smartphone to support your smart parenting efforts.  Feel free to give these pointers your own spin or add your own twist to them to help make the experience more fun for your children.

Most importantly, you need to make sure your children are using apps that are

  • Appropriate for their age,
  • Helping them develop their mental skills, and
  • Teaching them moral values.

If you’re away on travel or maybe just too tired to sit and read a bedtime story for your kid there’s an app that can help – KidStoriz.

What is KidStoriz?

KidStoriz is the first personalized, educational, and entertaining storytelling mobile App developed specially for children and their families.

It saves time, easy to control, and children can use it all by themselves without any help. With the usage of KidStoriz, you’ll make storytelling a unique experience for both you and your children.

What makes KidStoriz unique is the app allows you to

  • Tell your child stories recorded in your voice,
  • Tell stories in your own way of story-telling using your own words,
    • Increases the emotional bond between you and your child
  • Let your child enjoy a learning process that is warm, friendly and engaging.

How KidStoriz Works

Numerous kids’ stories and stories for toddlers can be downloaded with the app and narrated for your child. Its colorful and user-friendly interface enhances the quality of the app.

Just create you and your child’s character using your best head shots. Fill in the required information and then go to the KidStoriz marketplace to download any of the available kid’s stories.

Record the story in your voice, and download it your child’s smartphone for their play back – your child never needs internet access. Also, there’s no annoying ads and best of all, the app is FREE!


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