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The Future of Dressing Your Little Ones

There are plenty of moms and maybe even a few dads who consider money is no object when it comes to their babies and toddlers wardrobe especially if it’s their first.  After all, you want your little ones to look cute when they’re out and about with you – their proud parent. 

Not to forget, your little one needs an extensive wardrobe to support multiple daily changes. The little ones have this habit of messing up those cute and sometimes expensive outfits! To make matters more challenging, they outgrow their clothes so fast you find yourself having to buy more outfits and accessories again and again.

The Future – Fittedtot.com

Fittedtot.com is an online baby and toddler clothes rental service that’s highly praised by the moms who’ve used it.

The Benefit of Fittedtot.com

  • Save Money.  Who doesn’t want to save money?  Using Fittedtot.com, you no longer have to repeatedly spend for clothes as your babies and toddlers are growing up.  Also, there are no more regular trips to the store to buy clothes. There’s no fee for damaged or soiled clothes.  You can just return the clothes without any worries. By the way, this isn’t a once a month delivery you can have an unlimited number of deliveries. Just return the clothes you received and your next set of clothes will be on its way.
  • Have It Your Way.  You can describe the style of clothes you want, based on your child’s gender and size, and what weather to base the selections on. You can update child’s size and your preferences as your baby grows to keep them in comfortable fitting and stylish clothes.  If there’s an outfit too adorable to return you can keep it at 50% discount off the MSRP. 
  • No Washing.  Yes, I said no washing.  Fittedtot.com takes care of the cleaning.  They use a hypoallergenic detergent recommended by pediatricians.  The time freed up from not having to wash and fold clothes allows you time for other tasks and chores.
  • Multiple Children – No Problem.  You can subscribe up to three children in the service saving you, even more, money, time and energy.

The Future

Imagine an end to the continuous cycle of Buy, Wear, Wash, Wear, Wash, Wear, Buy…repeat. Now imagine receiving a box, containing three play outfits, one dress outfit and one set of pajamas. When you’re done with the clothes, you simply return them in a prepaid shipping bag and are sent a new set again. 

Fittedtot.com is the future of dressing your little ones. It’s an easy, convenient and practical way to dress your baby fashionably.

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