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Saving Your Floors From Your Pets

Our cats and dogs love us, and we love them, but frustratingly they don’t always feel the same way about our floors. Whether it’s tearing up our carpets or scratching our newly laid wooden floors; pets can be an expensively, destructive member of the family.

So here at The Rug Seller, we’ve put together this piece to provide some guidance to help you understand why:

  • Our cats and dogs damage our floors,
  • How you can stop them doing it,
  • The most pet-friendly rugs to buy and
  • How to best clean up after accidents.

The reasons dogs and cats attack our flooring varies a lot.

Dogs attack carpets for reasons like:

  • Excess energy,
  • Anxiety and fear,
  • Physical illness and
  • Due to stress related illnesses.

Cats, on the other hand, are more likely to attack your home for more “practical” reasons. These can include:

  • Marking territory,
  • Stretching their bodies and
  • Flexing their claws as well as other causes.

Telling you why your pets take their feelings out on your floors without giving you some tips to stop them doing it wouldn’t be much use. So this infographic provides some easy to implement ideas to protect your flooring.

One of the simple ways you can prevent cats and dogs scratching your carpets and floors is a rug. Before you buy a carpet, you should consider what makes up a pet friendly rug.

This means considering what:

  • Fabric rug you need,
  • Color and pattern of rug you need and
  • Looks good in your home.

One thing all pet owners face is when their pet has an “accident” on the carpet. While we’re sure you’ve all come up with good ways of coping, we give you a few pointers on to how best clean up after little “accidents.”

 save your floor from your pet infographic
Save your floor from your pet infographic by The Rug Seller

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