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Enjoying family-friendly restaurants

Enjoying Family-Friendly Restaurants

Share some delightful meals out with your children at your local family-friendly restaurants. Enjoy their company and improve their table manners!

Eating out as a family is an important experience to share with your children. Dining together outside of the home provides the opportunity to sit down as a family and enjoy prolonged conversation in a fresh environment, away from the typical distractions of everyday life.

Studies show restaurant dining can help improve the social skills and manners of your children.

It also increases the likelihood of them being open to trying new foods, which is an essential part of developing a healthy and balanced diet. 

However, as all experienced parents know, dining out can sometimes be a highly stressful event. If your kids don’t like anything on the menu, or there’s nothing to keep them entertained between courses, then a relaxed family dining out quickly turns into a catastrophe.

Therefore, it’s important to choose family-friendly restaurants. Here are some of the best.


COSMO Authentic World Kitchen offers buffet style restaurants serving international cuisine. Currently, COSMO can be found in 16 different locations throughout the UK.

They are a rapidly growing brand with plans to open many more restaurants this year and beyond.

Their approach is perfect for families. Kids love to help themselves to the tasty food at the buffet.

There are plenty of choices available – COSMO serves up a selection of roughly 150 dishes. The restaurants are extremely family-friendly.

This year, they even had a Father’s Day Dessert competition.

Rainforest Café

The Rainforest Café in Piccadilly Circus is an absolute treat for kids visiting London for the day. Set among realistic jungle decor and inhabitants such as grunting gorillas and trumpeting elephants, diners can enjoy American style cuisine from the adults and kids menus.

Jungle sounds add to the fun vibe which includes face painting and activity packs for the children so you can be certain to keep their attention throughout your meal. A stroll to Hamleys afterwards, or maybe a kids theater show on Shaftesbury Avenue will make this the perfect day out.


With 52 restaurants in the UK, families can be sure to find a Giraffe location near their home. Giraffe boasts “all day friendly dining.” That is certainly the vibe on offer if you venture inside one of their establishments.

The food on the children’s menus is both healthy and tasty with dishes such as a chicken noodle bowl, cheese and tomato quesadilla and strawberry and banana lollipops for little ones. Sharing platters are also a great way to involve all of the family.

Pizza Express

Kids love pizza and the delectable selections at Pizza Express is the perfect treat. This restaurant is very much geared towards entertaining children and even hosts birthday parties where the kiddies wear chefs hats and bake their own pizzas.

Families who are dining on other occasions will love the range of scrumptious and nutritious pizza and pasta dishes as well as soft dough balls or garlic bread for starters.

With a full range of kid-friendly restaurants, as well as pubs with beer gardens and play areas available throughout the UK, there really is every opportunity to get together as a family and enjoy some meals out.

Search for your local family-friendly establishments today.

About The Author

Chloe Cotton loves dining out with her young family whenever she can. When she is not enjoying great food she is busy working as editor at The Happiest Homes, a leading UK home improvement magazine.

Are there family-friendly restaurants where you live?  Please list your favorite restaurant in the Comments.  Thanks.

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