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Stepmoms Rock – Happy Mother’s Day

According to the U.S. Council on Contemporary Families there are five times as many stepfathers as stepmothers. Stepfathers are a majority. Seriously?

Well, this data is based on census figures which excludes stepmothers not living in the same home with their children. This is usually the case for the majority of stepmothers who are partnered with the biological dad who has limited visitation.

Also, stepmothers are not always made by marriage but then neither are some stepfathers. Today, many divorced parents live together without getting remarried.

Who do you think has the more stressful and demanding role – stepfather or stepmother? I think the stepmother has it. The following infographic provides compelling statistics and explains why a stepmom’s role is more challenging.

 Stepmom vs. Stepdad

Happy Mother’s Day to every stepmom!



  1. Stepmothers unite! Happy Mother’s Day to the non-bio’s!!! XOXO, Holly

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