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Stepdaughter and stepfather playing checkers.

How To Be A Great Example For Her

A father is one of the most important persons in a child’s life, especially if the child is a girl.

Daughters have a special bond with their father, which puts a great deal of responsibility on a father to set a good example for their little girl.

More often than not, women find a husband who has the same characteristics and qualities as their father without even knowing it.

To give your daughter an opportunity to know what she should look for in a man she’ll spend the rest of her life with, you must be a great example.

Be Her Teacher and Mentor

All dads want their daughters to be behaved and able to demonstrate good manners out in public. However, not all dads manage to raise their kids to act according to the situation they are in, because some other important things find their way of intervening.

Make sure you’re the one who teaches his little girl to:

  • eat with her mouth closed,
  • wait for others to finish talking before speaking, and
  • to behave in every situation.

Additionally, build up her self-esteem by spending time with her, listening to her and by praising her achievements.

Be Her Protector

Dads always have the role of a protector. This is how daughters see their fathers most of the time. Make sure your daughter grows up knowing she can always count on your help.

While she’s a little girl, childproof the home to prevent any potential accidents and injuries. Make sure she securely fastened to her car seat.  Let her see you securing your seat belt so she’s understand the importance of wearing one when she’s older.

Children tend to copy everything their parents do, because they look up to them and want to be just like their mom and dad when they grow up.

Dress to Impress

It’s essential you set a good example when it comes to dressing. Nothing says more to the world about how you feel about yourself than the way you look when you’re out in public. Your daughter needs to understand this.

She also needs to know various occasions call for various standards of dress – one outfit isn’t appropriate for every happening.

Make sure she sees you wear classic elegant custom made suits to office meetings and black-tie events, and you can pull off the casual outfit wearing a shirt and a pair of jeans to walk through the park with her.

Spend Time With Her

Schedule time to spend with your little girl on a regular basis. Play with her, read to her, cuddle and hug.

The attention of a parent is essential to child’s development so make sure she doesn’t lack the attention. Moreover, take her to the playground or park, and talk to her about anything she wants.

It’s a children’s nature to be curious and ask questions – lots of them. Stay calm and patient even if she starts to get annoying and answer every question.

Treat Her Like A Lady

Some say the days of gentlemen and associated behaviors are dead. Few men open doors for you, pull out your chair at the dining table or hold out your jacket to help you put it on.

Nevertheless, you should be the one to do all these things while raising your daughter. Set the example by treating her mother as a gentlemen making sure you do all the “gentlemen” stuff.

Your wife most certainly deserves it. This will be a good example of the type of man your daughter should look for in the future.

A father-daughter relationship is the most special of all. You get one chance so make the best of it and raise your daughter well. Teach her to behave, know right from wrong and raise her to become the person you and your wife will be proud of.

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