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Stepfather Poetry ~ To My Princess On The Most Important Day of Your Life

A poem from a stepfather to his stepdaughter on her wedding day.

To My Little Princess, On the Most Important Day of Your Life

Do you remember my little princess, the day you came into my life?
A sunny Sunday your mother brought you for the first time.
I was so nervous though you wouldn´t understand.
And there you came,
A little doll cradled in her arms.
I could barely see your tiny face among your restless curls.

Do you remember, my little princess, how you looked at me and cried?
But then you looked into my eyes
Your tears vanished and you smiled.
I had never seen such an innocent and bright smile before.
That´s when I knew you would be my little princess,
I would always take care of you, I wanted to be your dad!

Do you remember, my little princess, how many times I made you cry?
All those NOs and limits you hated so much? You kicked and yelled more than once.
After all you kept repeating, I really wasn´t your dad.
I always knew, someday, you would understand.
I knew you did when you asked me to walk with you down the aisle.

Do you remember, my little princess, the times I told you how proud I was?
Of the new songs you learned, of the drawings we hanged on the wall.
Of every new step you took, of every challenge you faced.
And now, my little princess, I´m more than ever the proudest dad.
You will always be my princess, happily married to the you love.

On the most important day of your life, my little princess,
I want thank you for the unique experience you allowed me to have
Being the father of a lovely girl, who has become a charming lady
That deserves to receive nothing but all the love and happiness from her blessed man.
Still, remember, my little princess, you will also count forever on your dad.

~ Gerardo Campbell

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