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Ten Romantic Ways To Surprise Your Valentine

Valentines Day is for lovers. It’s the one-day reserved to show our special someone how much they mean to us. Remember how you celebrated last year? No? Was it the same way you celebrated the day the year before? And the year before that? 

Break out of the chocolates and roses rut and give your Valentine a day to remember. Here are 10 unique ways to express your love that will create a lasting memory. 

Picture of a lighthouse bed and breakfast

Book A Romantic Getaway

Avoid the all too common destinations. Book a night in a venue as remarkable as the one you love. Did you know you could spend the night in lighthouse? 

Or in a tree house or in a natural cave?  Cash limited?  Pitch a tent in the desert or even your backyard and decorate with a Bedouin theme.  

Getting away from the run of the mill can help ensure a romantic evening. 

Take An Overnight Trip On Train Or Boat

Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination.  Try spending the night listening to the clickety-clackety of the railroad tracks in a sleeper car, or nestled in a bunk with the gentle swaying of a boat on the wave.  Either way, you’ll set the backdrop for a memorable night together. 

Couple enjoying day at the spa

Have A Spa Day

Lots of spas offer couples massages or mud baths for the more adventurous.  Book the two of you into an afternoon of fluffing and puffing.

If you don’t have a day spa available in your area, try a do-it-yourself spa day at home. Nothing says I love you quite like spending the day together in a bathrobe. 

Do What They Like – Regardless

Your mate likes to hike, but you hate it? You want to spend the day in an art museum, but they would prefer the action of a hockey game? 

Suck it up and spend the day doing what they like to do for a change. It’s sure to pay dividends in the end. 

Husband preparing a lobster dinner for two

Cook A Romantic Dinner For Two

Restaurants can be overbooked, overpriced and less than intimate on this special day. Instead, try cooking a delicious gourmet meal for the two of you at home.

Just make sure you’re planning to do the dishes later also.

Try A Little Romance At Home

Speaking of home for the holidays, create a romantic setting in the comforts of your home.

Cold champagne and a hot bubble bath are sure to set the scene for love. Skipping the spa and giving each other massages can be both romantic and easy on the wallet. 

Wife bringing husband breakfast in bed

Start The Day with breakfast in bed

Why make your love wait for a romantic evening together? Surprise that special someone with breakfast in bed. It’s sure to set the mood for the rest of the day. 

Chocolates, Anything Chocolate

I know I said to get out of the chocolate rut, but seriously, anything chocolate is sure to work in your favor. 

Forego the standard store bought heart shaped box and arrange to spend the day together making truffles from scratch – or visit a local manufacturer to create a unique treat as sweet as your honey. 

Maybe you’ll even have leftovers for the competitive game of Strip Chocolate® later. 

Picture of five bears of various sizes

Teddy Bears Have More Fun

Need I say more? Large or small, teddy bears are something we never outgrow. Size really doesn’t matter here. 

Forgo The Roses

Plant a tree in the garden to show your love will endure past the holiday. Sow some flowers that will bloom year around to show how your love grows and blossoms.

They will last longer, save some cash, and are much more environmentally friendly than picked flowers. Remember it’s the thought that counts. 

Crew cleaning up a broken heart on the floor

Try one of these unique surprises on your Valentine – or come up with something that’s special to just the two of you.  Just remember the date, or you may be celebrating in the doghouse alone this year instead.  Either way, it’ll be a Valentines Day to remember!

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