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Single mom standing in the living room of her home with a child

I Only Like To Date Single Moms – Is There Something Wrong?

Does This Sound Like You?

I only like to date single moms. Is there something wrong with me? Well, we [men] have different preferences when it comes to women.

You may be one of those guys who go for the mature, independent and nurturing types who are not just out to have some fun but want something more lasting and serious.

These characteristics are often found in single moms. There’s really nothing wrong with dating single moms because they actually come with wonderful benefits which you may not find in others.

Why Date Single Moms?

For some men, the thought of a hot momma sounds alluring. It’s like the pull of a sexy teacher or an aggressive cougar for a younger man.

But there’s more to it than that. Actually, single moms are highly attractive to many men for the following reasons:


Naturally, most single moms have been fending not just for themselves but also for their kids for some time already. The tough experiences they’ve been through molded them to be independent and self-reliant.

You can be assured single moms will be much less clingy and needy. With that said she probably doesn’t need saving.

• Sense Of Responsibility

These women are mighty responsible already. Just imagine how they have been juggling their careers with motherhood and household chores all at the same time!

Ready or not, they have learned to be more responsible the hard way – to look at life in the eye and say “Bring it on!” with confidence.

Thoughtfulness and Care

When a woman has been caring for an infant, toddler or young child, not only is her maternal instinct well-developed already but her thoughtful and caring side has ripened as well.

This is good news for men they date because they will take care of you and shower you with warmth, affection, support, patience and kindness. Just remember you’re her boyfriend and not her child.

• Lifelong Devotion

Despite the fact their babies will always be their first priority, these single mommies are in it for the long haul. You need to fully accept and embrace this fact.

You should be prepared for a serious relationship and something more if you intend to date such women. After all, most of them are over the just-for-fun dating stage and are more likely searching for a lifelong partner who will also accept and love their children.

She only plays games with her kids so if you’re a player you should move on.

Other Things To Know

There are also a few considerations you must understand before going out with a single mom. If you’ve already been dating single moms, at least you already know what to expect. You’re probably hooked to the type. They appeal to you so there’s no problem.

But if you haven’t really gone out much with them or haven’t been in an actual relationship with one, you need to know being with a single mom is a lot different from a regular relationship.

  • Time Alone. For instance, alone times cannot be spontaneous because she has to consider getting a babysitter. These moments together ought to count too because it’s time away from her child.
  • Energy Level. You need to be sensitive of her energy level and what she goes through each day. If you’re tired from at the end of the workday, think of what she had been through as a mom on top of everything else. Be ready to accept it when she wants to just rest or hang out at home.
  • The Ex. Have you also considered the ex? Yes, the father of her baby might still be in the picture. It’s something you have to deal with, whether or not they are in good terms.
  • The Kids. It’s surely a plus if you’re good with kids. When you’re able to bond and get along with her child, then she will certainly adore you and be even more devoted.

Dating single moms isn’t simple. There are many challenges involved. Nevertheless, it can also be exciting and fulfilling for both of you. So just be ready if you choose to date single moms. Before you date a single mom read what one single mom has to say.

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