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When’s The Best Time To Start Learning A Foreign Language?

There were many researches conducted with children about when is the best time to start learning a foreign language. Although some studies may differ from one another, most of them agree children should be encouraged to learn a second language at an early age.

This is because their brain functions are still developing and the process of learning represents a much easier experience. What steps should be taken to make sure children are mentally ready to start learning a foreign language? Here’s the answer.

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Baby Steps

Perhaps one of the most important things when it comes to teaching children something new is actually taking it slow. There is no need to push your children, especially if they are still really young.

If children are being forced into something, they just might develop a negative approach to that subject. This is why it is crucial to let them develop in their own pace. Also, it is quite relevant not to start with the second language until they get used to their native one first.

Casual Environment

Another quite important aspect of learning is creating a casual and comfortable environment for learning. If the place where they are learning feels unnatural and uncomfortable, it’s quite possible they will feel discouraged and might lose interest in the topic.

This is why a pleasant surrounding and a healthy approach should be one of the main criteria when it comes to learning a new language. Because of this, a formal education system might create a more hostile environment comparing to an informal one.


Good motivation is crucial for learning not only new languages but all sorts of new things. This is why it’s important to invest time and care into their education.

Motivating children from an early age might seem challenging but with the right kind of approach, everything is possible. Many educational facilities, kindergartens and early learning centers have well developed programs and use effective means of motivation.


One of the best ways to learn something new is through playing. Fortunately nowadays there are many educational toys and books enabling children to study with more enthusiasm and eagerness.

Children are quite visual beings and they react quite well on movement and sound as well. When children are still very young, it is a good idea to offer them educational toys with lots of color and sound, as it will help them develop an affinity towards learning and will observe learning as another aspect of playing.


Although overusing technology and internet could have negative effects in certain aspects of children’s development, an appropriate usage of electronics has been proven to be quite effective in helping children learn more easily. Internet offers a variety of different educational content that might serve as great learning material.

Video games and cartoons are also one of the best means of effective learning. Of course, the usage of electronics, particularly in a very young age, should be strictly monitored by adult figures, whether they are parents, teachers or other responsible adults.

Every child is different and develops in a different way and pace. Because of this, there is no default age period that will be suitable for all children.

It’s a fact children should be encouraged to start studying foreign languages since they are fairly young, but it’s much better to observe their learning process and then decide whether they are ready to continue or just take a short period of time to adjust to the new situation.

There are only so many hours in a school day. Between the time and financial limits, it’s difficult for one educational institution to provide your child with all he or she needs to be prepared for future success. Click here to learn a couple different subjects you should look into getting your child more than just a standard education in.

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