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Welcome to MoviePass

You love going to the movie theater to catch all the best first-run movies — but the high cost makes your experience pretty limited.

After paying full price for the show, and then adding in a box of popcorn or a drink, you’re racking up a lot of expense for that movie you’ve been looking forward to seeing.

You could wait until the film goes to the second-run theater, or even until it goes onto your favorite movie subscription service, but that could take months. By then, all of your friends will have seen the movie, talked about it in detail and revealed to you all the facts you wanted to find out yourself. Talk about a spoiler alert!

But what if we told you there’s a way to never have to sit around and wait to see your favorite movies?

What if there was a way to go on opening night to as many upcoming movies as you want — and not have to worry about it breaking your budget?

Even better — what if there was a way to see as many movies as you want to see, in the theater, for about the cost of one date night at the movies?

Believe it or not, there is.

With MoviePass, you pay one small fee, and you get to see as many new 2D movies as you want. Watch one every 24 hours, for one low price!

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It’s a lot like the movie subscription service you may be paying for at home — but with MoviePass, you have access to first-run movies and you can even watch them on opening night!

Imagine a world where you no longer have to pay a high price tag to see all the great movies you’ve been waiting to see. No more spoilers, no more missing out.

Here’s how it works:

Sign up for the FREE two-week trial, download the iPhone or Android app and go see as many movies as you want in that two weeks. That’s as many as 14 first-run movies, FREE! Once you’re convinced MoviePass is well worth it, the subscription is just $30 a month (or $35 in some areas).

There are no blackout dates, and you’ll have access to more than 3,700 theaters and 33,000 screens.

It’s America’s #1 movie theater subscription service — and for a good reason. Movie lovers save big!

Don’t let the high cost of movies get in the way of your love for the theater!

With MoviePass, you’ll never pay a premium price again.

Start your free trial today and get UNLIMITED movies right away!

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