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How To Be A Great Friend

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Good Friend?

Life is often all about the way we engage and interact with others. You have your family and hopefully you will have a bond with them that will be strong at all times. On top of that, you have your friends. Hopefully, you have a good collection of friends around you who can help you to create plenty of excellent memories but equally, if you are experiencing tough times, having great friends around can make a big difference.

If you want to have great friends, you should aim to be a great friend and there are plenty of ways in which you can do this.

Always Be There For Them, Even When You Are Silent

Sometimes the most important thing about being a friend is being around and there for someone when they need support. You don’t even need to say anything, the simple fact you are there for someone you care about is often enough to let them know they have someone who cares for them.


Again, sometimes the most important thing for a friend to do is just be there and listen. If you feel as though you’re not great at offering advice, don’t worry, because this isn’t always what friendship is about.

If you’re able to let someone voice their opinions or open up about their situation, you may be providing them with a service no one else can offer. If you’re in a position to provide advice and guidance, great, but if not, you can still have a positive impact on other people’s lives.

Don’t Be Afraid To Tell The Truth

There will be times in life when harsh things have to be said. There’s no need to be nasty or malicious but if someone is doing something wrong or making a mistake, it is often best to tell the truth and help them to see the reality of the situation.

We can all tell little white lies that don’t really matter but there will be occasions when it is best to come clean and speak the truth. This can be difficult at the time but in the long run, true friends understand this is the best way to go about life.

Be Loyal

Yes, there may be times when your friend is in the wrong or making a mistake but you still need to support them and protect them from others. Great friends will have no problem in criticizing a friend but as soon as someone else steps in to do the same, they will look to protect their friend.

This is part and parcel of friendship so if you want to make sure that you are a good friend, be loyal and if other people are looking to cause trouble harm to your friend, make sure that you make yourself heard.

Be True To Yourself

If you find you are continually having to hide your own thoughts of dampen your own personality, you aren’t being honest to yourself. You may be the friend that you think your friend wants you to be but you aren’t being the person that you want to be, and in the end that will only end badly.

It can be difficult to juggle the needs and expectations of other people with how you view your life should be but when it comes to being a great friend, you will find that being honest and true to yourself is an excellent way to be a true friend to someone else.

Be Happy For Your Friend When They Receive Great News

You may think being a friend is easy in the good times but sometimes this can pose a challenge and difficulty in itself. There are some people in life who believe that happiness for one person can only come at the misfortune or others.

There are also people who will feel jealous at other people receiving good news. Just because your friend has received good news and you haven’t received any personal news doesn’t make you any worse off, life shouldn’t be a competition in that manner. There will be plenty of times when you receive benefits or good news when other people don’t. If you find yourself feeling angry or jealous when others receive good news, you may want to think about how you consider friendship.

If your friend has problems, including financial problems, you should look to offer them as much support as you can. One way in which you can be a friend includes acting as a guarantor for someone who is applying for a guarantor loan. If your friend needs financial support and you trust them, acting a guarantor can be a great way to cement a friendship for life.

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