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What Type of Breast Implants has the Highest Success Rate?

The high success rate experienced by patients undergoing surgery for breast implants has helped make the procedure one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in Canada and the United States.

While the majority of breast implant work is completed successfully, each implant offers varying degrees of success.

If you’re in the process of reviewing your implant options, this article can help act as a guide and introduce you to the breast implants with the highest success rates.

Choosing An Implant Begins With A Specialist Consultation

While there are numerous breast implant products from which you can select, there is no one particular product that have proven successful in all individual treatments. The ideal method for achieving a successful implant procedure is by working directly with your consultant to address any challenges that might arise during your procedure. These challenges can then be met by utilizing a specific material, whether it’s saline or silicone.

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Considerations In The Decision

When deciding on your choice of Breast implant type alongside your specialist, you will likely be asked to consider several factors:

• Current Health

One important consideration is your health. The doctor might make a recommendation based on your current health levels. They may advise you to choose a saline implant, because any saline implant is likely to deflate rather than leak. Whereas a leaking silicone implant will require the patient to undergo additional surgery to remove the implant and correct any damage caused by the silicone.

• Size

Another important consideration is the patient’s size. The patient might have a small frame and therefore, require smaller implant sizing that will match their current stature. The implant product chosen by the specialist will be designed to match your current frame and body measurements.

Saline Vs Silicone – Making Your Choice

Saline and silicone are the leading breast implant products on the market today. These are the two choices your breast implant specialist will likely provide to you during the pre-surgery process. Each of the products offer various performance advantages.

Consider the following benefits of utilizing a saline implant:

• Saline offers the ability to create rounder breast shape
• Saline offers numerous projected profiles
• Saline is often less expensive than silicone

The following are benefits offered through the use of silicone implants:

• Silicone offers the feel of a natural breast
• Silicone can be shaped to suit the patient’s body
• Silicone doesn’t deflate

Both Saline and Silicone have been proven successful!

Approved for use across the Canadian and United States cosmetic medical field, saline and silicone breast implant products have continually been proven successful for a wide range of individuals.

The rare cases of unsuccessful procedures are attributable to unprofessional treatment and the onset of medical conditions.

This highlights the importance of choosing a specialist who can work with you throughout the treatment to ensure optimal results! Speak with an expert team to see which material will work best for you!

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