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Bracing Your Kids For Braces

How to Make the Transition Easier

Braces can be quite intimidating for children and teenagers who may be dealing with a lot of peer pressure within their social circles. Growing up is hard enough without added anxiety about how your teeth look. It’s important to know what to expect beforehand.

This way you can help them ease their stress and discomfort during the first few days and eliminate any resentment for the duration of the treatment. If you’re expecting braces will be needed in the near future, make sure you prepare your child in the most informed way possible. Generally, knowledge and accurate information will soothe any negative emotions in your children.

bracing your kids for braces

See a Good Dentist

Usually a family dentist like Guerra Dental will be the first to alert a parent about the need for braces. Dentists can recommend a reputable orthodontist and take initial x-rays. In addition, your child’s teeth must be thoroughly cleaned by a dental hygienist before the braces are placed on to decrease the chance of decay developing beneath the brackets.

Make sure you’re up to date on all appointments and get a second or even third opinion on whether braces are needed.

Sometimes teeth may look crooked as they grow in, but as kids age they slowly come together for a better bite.

Know What to Expect

Simply knowing what to expect can significantly reduce if not eliminate much of the anxiety for your child. Once x-rays are taken and the orthodontist makes plaster molds of the teeth, they will go over the treatment plan with you. The orthodontist will be able to give an estimate of how long the braces will need to be on, what type of braces will be used and how often adjustments will need to be made.

Have your kids ask questions and make sure they fully understand what their dentist is recommending. Be up front about prices as well. You don’t want to have things come back to cost you later.

You might also be able to schedule a payment plan with your clinic. This way you can save money and be sure of a monthly or annual price.

Know How It Will Affect Everyday Life

Braces can be a big change for kids. A Colorado Springs dental clinic says they will have to brush and floss their teeth often and well. If they play woodwind or brass instruments, they may need to make adjustments.

They also will have to avoid sticky or very sugary foods, such as caramel and chewing gum, and hard foods such as nuts and popcorn. Start these kinds of adjustments early on by clearing out the pantry of offending foods. Make sure your kids are ready and willing to make the changes that will make having braces that much easier.

Bracing Your Kids For Braces – Talk About It

Your teen may still have questions and concerns no matter how much your orthodontist talks to them. Changes can be a big deal at this age and can affect how children feel about themselves.

You should give your children a chance to talk about this transition while simply lending a listening ear. Don’t wave away any fears they have, and always discuss how they feel about the treatments. Be patient and willing to hear them out whenever you can. It can be a big boost just to feel validated.

Getting braces can be a huge transition, but is a great choice for acquiring a beautiful smile. Most dentists or orthodontists are more than happy to sit down with children and teenagers before placing the braces on to describe exactly what will happen and to answer any questions. In the end, it’s really up to you [the parents] to make sure your kids feel confident and comfortable about this choice.

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