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an unconditional friend

Stepmom Poetry ~ An Unconditional Friend

An Unconditional Friend

Maybe you didn’t intend to love me at first,
Maybe you didn´t even care;
But as we began to know each other
And our relationship progressed,
We established a bond;
A bond of such unique strength
That it can never ever be broken.

You are not my mother
And for that I´m glad
Because I discovered other things,
Things so much deeper than that.
You became my grown-up friend,
Someone I can always turn to
When I have a decision to make.

I have your shoulder to cry on,
Your ears to listen to my stories or to hear me vent.
Your words of kindness,
Your tender hugs, your encouraging phrases.
You love me enough to tell me no,
You love me enough to advise me
When you know something is best for my future.

Sometimes you act like a mother,
But you always remain my friend;
A special mixture only a stepmom can provide.
You have guided me through my adolescence
And shown me how to become a woman
With self-love and self-respect.
And for that I am grateful.

If someday I’m blessed
And become a mother,
I’m sure I will do my best.
For the simple reason
I have you as an example
Of a loving mother
And an unconditional friend.

~ Gerardo Campbell

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